Why Do You Still Wear a (Dumb) Watch in This Day & Age?

Maybe it’s just me or something, but I found less & less people wearing watch these days. People even use their cell phone for checking time rather than use their watch (even when they wear a watch ^_^). I guess this so-called trend cemented in that movie, “The Internship” where the main character realized that their job as watch salesman is over due to that trend and their acknowledgement that wearing a watch is dying breed.
I’m glad that somehow I manage to “infected” my friend to became watch aficionado he he. Even if it means that they just buy one watch, the fact that they happy with their watch is, at least for me, the sign that watch is not going to died and disappeared. Maybe it became a niche or cliché market but it will survive. There are lots of watch club out there, and the fact that Google, apple, etc try to made smart-watch is undeniable fact that watch is here to stay.
Honestly, I don’t see the importance of using smart-watch, or even android gear, or any kind smart-accessories. Well, I’m not a fitness buff but I don’t see any benefit for an accessories that drain your phone battery (connected via Bluetooth), doesn’t stand alone (even if it’s stand alone, limited function) and also poor battery performance, besides it probably looks cool or show how rich you are he he. Maybe smart-watch is in premature state or something that will be better in the future, but I don’t need a distraction from my phone if my phone could do it all anyway (that’s why people look at their phone rather than watch, why not use it also for notifications, or use their phone for fitness applications).
I guess this is why I’m wondering, why did I still used (dumb) watch in this day & age. So far, this is top reasons why:
1. Time reminder or checker

This is the basic function that works just right. A watch is a machine that exactly tells you what time is it. Even if some people would say that the definition of time it self is only a concept that was created by men to coop with changes of sun or moon movement, or just to standardized daily schedule, but that is the point, a machine that tells you what time is it.
Sure people would say that a watch, analog watch to be exact, the automatic machine, tends to be faster or slower within weeks or months, thus it’s inaccurate. True, but that’s what I enjoyed from using automatic or even hand winding watch, set the time early in the morning before activity. If you want accuracy, you should used quartz watch or digital watch. Problem solved he he.
2. The good old days

Ah, the good old days, what I mean with this is the fact that in the good old days, you don’t need to do everything, just do one thing good and it’s good enough, or even a job well done. That’s what a watch really is, a machine to tell time, everything else is an extra or added value.
This is also why I don’t jump into smart-watch bandwagon, that thing trying too hard to do or to be everything. They should focus into a watch first and everything else later instead of try to do everything, that’s why the only smart watch so far that I recommended is only pebble.
3. The history, prestige and all that jazz

This is the extra and added value of a watch (besides the number 4 below, style) that the wearer can get benefit from. Wearing a watch isn’t really just wearing a watch for watch aficionado. You should know the history of the manufacturer, the type of movement, water resistant, material, etc. Because a watch isn’t really a watch for people who really like watch. It’s a culmination of human engineering, seriously, just look at automatic or manual winding watch and you’ll realize how damn ingenuity human really is. You’ll appreciate the history of the manufacturer or the progress they made in conjunction with the method of modern days watch.
If you buy a cheap watch and then buy an expensive one (even not Rolex or Omega but something like Seiko or Orient) you’ll realize how fancy, authentic, and luxurious those watch compared to the cheap one. That’s why the prestige of wearing luxury watch sometimes can’t be compared by using smart-watch or affordable watch.
Wearing watch also shows your preference or in some level shows what kind of person you are. If you prefer automatic watch, you’re the type that loves hassle free or simple things. You don’t need or don’t bother yourself to change battery. Vice versa if you prefer quartz, you’re also a simple man that might not be devoted because you can change your watch without the hassle of setting the watch when the power reserve is done. If you love digital watch, you might be a highly adaptable person that embrace changes and loves technology. Sure this preference might be biased, but it might be an indicator, just like in your preference of shoes, women, etc.
4. Style

Ah, this is also an added value or extra, but for some people this is the most important stuff. A watch is a versatile accessory that could easily adapt to your style whenever you needed it. Even small modification like changing strap can really change the watch into something else entirely different. That’s why sometimes people could only use one watch but different straps just suit it with the occasions.
5. Battery life

Smart watch, at the moment I wrote this, had a maximum battery life of 6 months (but with normal battery not li-on). The li-on maximum life is approximately 7 days. That’s why wearing them is such a hassle, at least for me that is. Wearing a dumb watch doesn’t required the mundane charge your battery activity in order to use it. My automatic watch only need date and day setting after inactive, my manual winding just like that but need a simple winding (but if you wear it as daily driver, you just need winding and then it’ all system go, quartz watch can withstand 5 years of battery cycle (my G-shock last for 10 years!).
So yeah, maybe I’m old school, and my love for watch is probably a sign that I’m remnant or relic of the past. But I don’t think watch is going to be dead & forgotten. Smart-watch is the answer to the question whether wearing watch is a dying breed. Just like wearing shoe, or choose a car or cell phone, what type of music we listens, a watch showing what kind of person we really are I guess. And as long as people have their unique traits or ability, I guess watch will always be needed.


Over-thinking Things


Recently, a radio announcer in one of my favorite radio station Trax FM, Cia Wardana said that she have a life motto “be stupid be happy” which is very interesting if you ask me. As I getting older I realize that I became more & grumpier to the point that I’m afraid that I’ll turn into a grumpy old man someday. I became more & more agitated by many things, even the most unimportant tiny details.

Every time I read news I became more frustrated than enlighten by the news. When I drive around in my car I always angry at other driver and assume everyone else is idiot behind the wheel (maybe they also thinking the same idea ha ha). Or try to working at group project, you’ll realize why Batman works alone, you can’t rely on anyone else but you ha ha. Maybe that’s why some people prefer to be alone once in awhile.

After watching Iron Man, I always think that the (hidden) message of the movie is that the terrorist (which in the movie is the group that kidnap Stark) is not waging war in the name of religion or something. It’s all about power & domination, people just sugarcoating it with religion to justify their action. Or in Iron Man 3, where the terrorist actually just a decoy, a scapegoat by corporation to wage war & gain profit from it while blaming middle east country.

Come to think of it, probably why X-Men is my favorite comic is due to the fact that it tell a story of bunch of misfit that just try to live in this world while the world is hating them just because who they are, mutants. This is a perfect story that almost all exiled, outsider, LGBT any people that can’t fit into society can relate to. Even the main villain Magneto is not a bad person per se. He were a victim of the consequences, he is a mutant and holocaust survivor. He saw how evil human can be, and most likely will be. In the eye of fellow mutant he is a hero that stands for the mutant cause. He makes me realize another point of view, like watching when King Kong I can relate to the “monster” that was killed by circumstances rather than actually being evil.

Just like why Batman is my favorite Hero, because he is an idea, a symbol, not a figure. As a figure or person, he can be corrupted, killed, etc. But as an idea or symbol, he is immortal, he can withstand anything. He represents the struggle of every man to stand up for themselves in the face of adversary, to take matter by our own hand and to proves that everyone can be a hero, at least for themselves. He is one of us, with all the fragility, loneliness, frustration and even delusional personality. What separates us from Batman is the will to act, regardless the consequences or the result, he choose to act.

I guess it’s my delusional tendency or something, but I love these hidden contexts within “mere” entertainment that intriguing and give us second thought, another point of view to see things. It makes us thinking deeper and give food to our thought I guess.

Over-thinking things ^_^

Maybe that’s why I get fed up with today’s entertainment, or even news that somehow seems so shallow, all in the name of entertainment, rating or hit number. I don’t know whether we all too fed up with reality so we need escapade, distraction or entertainment in the form of quick, shallow, unhealthy-like-junk food, style over substance.

Great music, attitude & lyric

But that’s how today’s entertainment is. In the flood of information, people too tired for something that deep or time consuming. We need something, some sort of distraction that would make us forget the bitter reality, something that fun, mindless and shallow I guess. I hate today’s music where most the lyric is about party, sex, hedonism, etc. I prefer the gloomy 90’s where we all are pessimistic bastard but at least we try to think deeper, hell even when we abused drugs, the music we create is much better today (Nirvana, Slank post sober, etc), in term of lyric (deeper and meaningful lyric), music (more variation and less machine, electronic-synth sound, etc).

Maybe I’m over-thinking things, maybe this is how the world is, and it’s the fact and time changes. Maybe old idea and old people like me should give way to the future, no matter how bleak, dark or gloomy it is. We can’t stop the time, the changes, we have to give way to the next generation. Let time tell whether our way is better or not. I guess I believe that classic will never die, maybe my 90’s generation will be resurrected one day or be the model of ideal or something. For now, just let it be I guess.

Back to Cia statement, I guess what she said might be true. Stupid people are happier than the so called intelligence people because they don’t over-thinking things. They just let it be. Live for today, let tomorrow problem to be handle by our tomorrow self and deal with it tomorrow not today. I always think that these train of thought is stupid because we never know what will happen tomorrow and we might be caught by surprise when bad things happen but I guess there’s also a chances that that bad thing won’t happened. Ignorant is a bliss I guess.

Maybe I shouldn’t over-thinking things. Just let it ride, let it slide. Live for the moment and see what happened later. Just watch today’s generation live their life, it’s their time anyway. Just sit back, grab a popcorn, enjoy the ride he he.


Batman Beyond 3.75 Figure

Finally I got my hands on DC Comics Multiverse Batman Beyond 3.75 inch figure!!! Courtesy of a friend of mine from Facebook (search “Saung Mainan Kerjain”, higly recommended seller). I got this for Rp. 250.000,- (approximately $20-$23). Not cheap but it way cheaper than bought it on ebay, this line didn’t purchased by retailer in Indonesia so we have to import it.

Courtesy of hobi375.blogspot.co.id

So, without further due, here’s a lame review of it, probably just a babbling and pictures, if you want a better review try this link (Indonesian language though), or this, etc. Those who click that link probably said, hey that’s a different figure, it’s not Batman Beyond! Guess what? All the Batman figures in this line are basically the same mold, same articulation. It’s just a different paint job and little differentiation here and there (I guess we all keeps buying it just because we’re Batman fans ha ha). I’m here just to share the excitement I have toward playing with this figure ha ha.




So, there’s a possibility this is a knock off figures, but since the paint job in this line is rarely good so I don’t care, I got the box anyway (though I’m gonna tear it and throw away anyway). First thing first, this figure is based on Batman Arkham video game, not Batman Beyond the animated that most people loves, that’s why Batman is bulkier here. This is Bruce not Terry. Though the glue is kinda suck, the paint job is adequate.

The paint job is good though

If you collect 3.75 inch figure, you’ll know that different manufacturer have different size so some line can’t really compares to other line. This is still the case with this figure. Even though this is Bruce, his height making he looks like the younger Terry in height department.

Same size with Kylo Ren
Same size with Cyclops gashapon

What is the worst part of this line? No accessories for most of them. This figure comes with nothing! Even if his right hand have open fist to hold something. So I just put a batarang there he he

Surprisingly I have so much fun playing with this figure

So, despite all the flaws, this figure is a good figure. The simplistic paint job makes it better than the other Batman figures in Multiverse. If you’re Batman Beyond fans (like me ^_^), this is the best we can get for this scale. This ain’t perfect but nothing is he he. I highly recommended this figure if you can find it.

Victim Mentality


I just realized that I saw a trend in people nowadays that we, tends to blame everyone else but ourselves if something bad happened to us. Our unfortunate luck, or something like that, somehow became an excuse to be whiny, self pity, or even to have people root to us or sympathetic and show support to us.

It’s good to know that people care about us, because most people just curious not care, they act like they care, but we just accept it as if people care about us, or at the very least they acknowledge our existence by showing that they curious about what happen to us. Don’t know why but some people really love to get the upper hand because of act of pity by others. As if it’s some kind of privilege or something, I thought the privilege is when we give our hand to help others, not asking for help. What makes it worse, people do this just to get the drama and the attention, and they don’t care about if the problem can be solved or not, they just want to complain about it.


Don’t get me wrong, I have a friend who is handicapped by definition and probably need help, his eye sight is very blurry due to the accident when his eyes were damaged by chemical in elementary school. He needs an assistant to read his test or special application to read his electronic message. He hates the fact that people looking down at him, as if he is powerless or need others in order to survive or exist (true in some way though). He live his life to prove everyone else that they are wrong to treat him as “inferior”, in his own perception that is, to be looked down, under estimate him, or even pity him.

That’s why he feels some sort of connection with me because I always mock him just like I mock others. I always make fun of him, right in from of him like I mock others. He thinks that I treat him as an equal guy. But honestly, I put him at my utmost proper respect, even above others, I salute him because if I’m at his position I don’t know if I able to fight, study and strive the way that he did. At the moment he use his law diploma and work as law practitioner while I use my law diploma to became slave to the wage and corporate robot ha ha. I guess he is like a personal hero to me.

My friend taught me not to be a victim, to take action of our own life, not blaming others for what happens. To be a player rather than a victim, to take responsibility of everything that happens in our life. That’s what is lacking in most people these days. They whine, ask for attention, pity, sympathy or even mercy from others every time bad things happens to them. I guess it’s easier to point a finger and blame others rather than taking responsibility for our own action, because everything happens for a reason and sometimes the reason is because we do stupid things (and we are too dumb to accept that it’s our fault to begin with).

I guess that’s what also happens with bullying. Honestly, we can’t make act of bully extinct, that’s human nature, or even act of nature to prey on weaker being, to make fun of it or to become the food or entertainment for stronger being. We can’t get rid of it, but we can teach our kids to stand up for themselves rather than wearing pink ribbon or make a law that forbid it. Yes our kids might be get beaten up while defending themselves, but at the very least it shows themselves, and the bully, that they will not go down without a fight, they have pride and spirit to survive rather than rely others just to stand on their feet.


OK, some people will say that, “You don’t understand what I’ve been through! How dare you say that I was a nuisance to whine about my problems?” That’s the keyword, “my problem”, it’s not everyone’s problem, why we have to waste our time & effort listening to your whine? Honestly, the world will keeps on turning even if you’re dead because of your problem. It’s not the end of the world. You might think this is cruel, but that’s how the world is, that’s how life is. The world will never be fair, deal with it.


What I mean to be a player rather than a victim is this, you take the control of “your” life, not the world, but your life. It’s impossible to predict the outcome of this world, or any series of unfortunate events that may occur to you, but at the very least you can take control of how you would react to it.

Some might say that all the bad thins that happens to them as a challenge, a stepping stone, to become a better you, while some people will whine about it. How you deal with it that would makes a different. So, I guess it’s about time that we take action & control of our life rather than just whining, became the victim of our own stupidity and do nothing about it.

Who Needs Manual? We Just Go With It ^_^

Syrian refugee issue is kind of hot in the past few months, I bet most of you already aware of this issue but I don’t want to go there since it’s a grey area, but I want to go something even more grayer than refugee issue, religion. As you all know, most of the refugee is Moslem (Syria is an Islamic state) but in order to receive permission to enter western country some of them converting to another religion.

As to the answers why did they converting their faith are what is interesting. Like I mentioned before, some of them converting in order to ensure their acceptance in the new country or even as a reason not to returned to their native country, in some Islamic country converting into another faith, especially from Islam into another faith, is considered as “crime” with severe punishment, even death sentence sometimes.

Another reason, maybe this is what they really believe in, the religion that “more suitable” for them. Lets be honest, some of us embrace the religion that our parents believe, not that we believe, and our parent did the same like we do. These immigrants just have the chance to convert their faith without have to be afraid of the consequences, they have nothing left to lose, and they already lose everything.

In Indonesia, once there was a case where some celebrity “making fun” of religion (I won;t tell name but I will attach their before after picture just for the fun of it, sarcasm hinted). The couple (different faith) married in Islam way and the male converted to Islam in order to make their marriage legal. Then the male switched back to his previous faith after they marriage. Since they are celebrities, a public uproar is happened, some Ulama (some sort of priest in Islam) claim that their marriage is considered not legal or never happen because in Islam, Moslem women can’t marry man with different faith (but Moslem guy can, so…yeah that’s something I guess). Dude, their marriage never happened? They already married, the girls not virgin anymore (don’t know whether she still virgin or not when they married though ^_^), the dude having no problem I guess, doesn’t matter, had sex! So then the girl converting her faith into Christianity in order to keep the marriage intact.

Before after
Before after

I’m OK with that, it’s their right to do every means necessary to keep their marriage. What makes me say they “making fun” of religion is the fact that after the girl converting her faith the video of her bragging how Christianity is better than her previous religion is “leaked”. This is really intriguing since the female is known as a good Muslimah, sometimes showing her wearing hijab or promote Islamic product, I guess this kind of “hypocrisy” is making me feel offended. I guess all those year of studying Islam and tell people how a good Moslem you are is not enough for you to fight for your faith. My concern is, if you can betray or cheat God that once you worshiped, how can we trust that you won’t do the same thing to other people?

Sorry if I’m judging, but I guess that’s how I feel. I mean, if you’re not religious I guess it’s OK. You found God in another faith, that’s good for you. But all the facts that shows in this case shows the otherwise of founding a God, but I guess a “win” is a win, even if you cheat or something.

So, that’s for the opening and to just to be clear, I’m not a religious guy. Yes I consider that religion is very important for our guideline or manual for life but I’m the type who acknowledged that each and every religion meant to make their worshipper a better person (pluralism, something that in my religion, or I guess in every religion is kind of sensitive). Every religion claim their teaching is the best, that’s the point, every system, every platform, every club, or everyone believe that what is their or what they choose is the best. It’s natural I guess. So I guess pluralism considered as “sin” for some people.

Ok, to offense everyone, here what I think about religion; it’s like your penis. It’s OK to be proud of it, but it’s not OK to showing around, swing it for everyone to see, or to shove it to everyone’s mouth or to expect that everyone will admire it. Sorry if it’s to blunt or crazy, but I’m fed up with people showing how religious they are but their attitude didn’t show it.

I won’t write about religion because I already wrote about it. It is just…funny how I mentioned religion as a manual, I mean, almost everyone I know never read manual. When they buy new product, they just use it and only read manual if they encounter problems. Seriously, kind of like religion that works as last resort when everything fails, as if God only exist when we needed ha ha.

I’m not religious but it is sickening to see how the world works today. Adultery, public display of affection (borderline sex exhibitionist), sexual comments, foul or inappropriate content considered as common thing, normal. Just like coitus, you can do anything you want, anal, gang bang, bestiality, etc, or even having sex in public, everything is OK as long it’s mutual or common consent. I guess the so-called “human rights” is getting way out of hand. People tend to forget that their so-called human rights is only as important as others human right, not an absolute thing that should be enforced, just like my version of religion ^_^.

If you ask me, there should be rules of engagement for everything in this world. Even in chaos there are some sort of pattern (there’s a thing called chaos theory for a reason, or Murphy’s Law for all that matter). Some say rules are made to be broken, but some rules are meant to make things more “organized” or “civilized”. Unfortunately, people tend to think that they are above the law, or maybe because religion taught them that human is the most perfect being equipped with free will, we tend to abuse our so-called privileged. Or maybe we think that the rules that were made by our ancestor, which some people called as religion, are too demanding or not suitable for modern world.

Sometimes I wonder if the rules or culture that can’t adapt to the modern world or the modern world that promising more excitement outside the boundary of the rules. It’s like when people say that you have to try something in order that you can have competencies to say something is good or not, like try drugs, narcotics, free sex, gay sex, etc. If you ask me, the so-called modern world is like to push beyond boundary in the name of curiosity, pleasure, or even science. This progress somehow deemed rules, value or religion can’t adapt to new discovery.

Sadly, most devoted religion worshiper tends to hard headed, dogmatic, and militant people that are hard to get dialogue with. They put blind faith and close their eyes, ear and even heart to every new discovery. This kind of attitude lead others to disrespect, hate or even ignoring rules, value, religion, etc.

I guess it’s OK if people try to ignore it completely, or make their own version of religion, like the history of Catholic – Christianity – protestant, at the very least they identify themselves as new religion. The problem is some people just want their religion to adapt with their preference, like how USA legalize gay marriage although it against major religion in USA. Maybe most people will say that at least those gay is good people that try to live their live or try to repent their way, I agree, but at least if you want to repent, don’t show your gay pride in such bravado and annoy others, especially the straight and hard line. That’s why most people became secular ha ha.

Aaaach, this blog is going nowhere!!! I guess just like my title said, who needs manual he he. We just do things like dog chasing car. We don’t really know what to do anyway ha ha. I guess in some way this is natural selection. Or we brought apocalypse with our own hand ha ha. Personally, I need manual, that’s why I still need religion I guess.

The Friendzone Myth, Justification for the Coward

Damn right
Damn right

I guess most of you who taste the internet knows the term “friendzone”, some sort of “myth” (or call it anything you want) that somehow became a common believe that if you’re nice, especially to girls or opposite sex, you’ll get into that zone, the notorious friendzone. Thus people believe in order to get the attention, or get laid, you have to be a douche or bitch. Is it true? I guess the image on the left tells you exactly how I felt about it.

You said it’s not fair? It’s not fair because you approach a girl in a friendly way but then that girl choose someone else who isn’t as friendly as you? Then you say that every girls in general attracted to jerk? First, this world is unfair, deal with it. That’s how the world works. If you expect the world is fair because you’re fair is like expecting the enemy soldier doesn’t kill you because you don’t kill him. Sometimes hard work doesn’t get paid, that’s why people say work smart not work hard.

Second, you came as a friend, that’s the main problem. Most people state their intention early on, they introduce their selves and that’s it, just so he/she know their existence and they try to approach either aggressively or play hard to get, not cowardly or play safe as being a friend because you’re afraid to get rejected. True some people met their “soul mate” through friendship but that is rare since some people will block you from the “options” since you state yourself as a “friend”. It’s your choice to play the obvious way (aggressive approach) or play “cowardly” and hope someday he/she will understand your feeling, all I can say that every worthy things in life doesn’t come easy and it requires high price and if you think you can handle it then go do your thing, high risk high return.

And in case you forgot, confidence is the quality that most people attracted into, even if that confidence actually shallow. It’s not what you say but how you say it. Most people is like a moth to a flame, almost blinded by that confidence, unfortunately that’s what is wrong with this world, it’s full of dumb people with confidence while smart people is full of doubt.

Third, if you do something nice, in this case being friendly, and you expect something in return, you’re not friendly, and you’re not sincere. You’re just like any hypocrites who do good deed in order to buying their way to heaven. You should do good deed because it’s the right thing to do!

Other thing that came to my mind when people mentioned they being “friendzone” because they are friendly is the fact that they unravel their true self, their needs to be rewarded, the insincere people he he. I guess you’re not friendly, you just loyal to the cause. When that person already fulfill their cause, you probably just throw them away, like some sort of social climber that do anything to get what their need.

I guess it all comes down to “you get what you give” and if you don’t get what you give? Just try to realize what you gave in order to get what you “want” (not need, but want). Maybe just like I mentioned earlier, you just play safe and give a little while hoping get something great in return. High risk high return, that’s what investor said. If you’re a Moslem, give everything you got but in the end, leave it all to God, if it’s meant for you, it will be yours, even if takes time, if it’s not meant for you, no matter how much you give will never do or enough. But then again, you’ll never know if you don’t go, go big or go home, get rich or die trying he he.