Note From A “Friend”

Last night, I just, in my own silly curiosity, check some file from my previous-unused notebook (still Windows 98, Pentium 4, to be exact, classic or to be blunt useless ­^_^), I discovered a save page from internet page from a “friend” (on-line friend mostly can’t be count as friend cuz they are not as close as real friend, just like her. I don’t know her, origin, sex, domicile, etc) called faith07 (miss U girl). So, I decided to re-post her blog [Submitted by faith07 on September 17, 2007, 5:52 pm] from MTV Asia blog (the first time ever I wrote a blog, miss that good ol’ day ha ha ha).

Somehow I remember that when she wrote that, she told me to read and probably leave a comment. Damn, very inspiring. Somehow her note making me feel that there actually “friend” on the internet ha ha.

Here are some of her inspiring writing :

1. At least 5 people in this world love you so much they would die for you.

2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way!

3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you.

4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they
don’t like you.

5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep.

6. You mean the world to someone.

7. If not for you, someone may not be living.

8. You are special and unique.

9. Someone that you don’t even know exists loves you.

10. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes
from it.

11. When you think the world has turned its back on you, take a
look: you most likely turned your back on the world.

12. When you think you have no chance of getting what you want,
you probably won’t get it, but if you believe in yourself,
probably, sooner or later, you will get it.

13. Always remember the compliments you received. Forget about the
rude remarks.

14. Always tell someone how you feel about them; you will feel
much better when they know.

15. If you have a great friend, take the time to let them know
that they are great.

A Minute: They say it takes a minute to find a special person, an
hour to appreciate them, a day to love them, but then an entire
life to forget them.

Take the time .. to live and love.

Awesome faith07, damn I miss her inspirational writing



“We’re a nation of somnambulists. And where there are people awake, there’s money to be made… There were lots of theories on why we don’t sleep enough– everything from stress at the office to too much caffeine… But I got my own, simpler theory… I think a lot of people just lead lonely lives… And there’s something comforting knowing there are a lot of other lonely people out there too, watching the same crappy movie you’re watching at two in the morning… Yeah… it’s about being alone… in a city of millions… I can relate.”

Dick Grayson/Nightwing (Nightwing #123)

Something are always bothers me every time I went in da club on Saturday night (I rarely do this, maybe in my college year only). I always wonder why these people are so addicted to clubbing scene. Why they are so enjoys it. But then I probably think it’s probably because I don’t really like clubbing. I prefer watching live music or a concert. But then again, after being trapped with my friend in the clubbing scene I notice something strange, there are also people like me who just didn’t enjoy the scene, didn’t enjoy the crowd, but it’s not just in the clubbing scene, even in the concert where almost everyone just dancing in the mosh pit, there are a number of people who just stand there with blank eye, and just seems out of place. It’s everywhere, I see people like me, alone. I even see it in everyone, I see the loneliness.

I’m very confused with this, I mean, we live in a very modern and sophisticated age. We became borderless, even nation-less. Miles don’t mean anything in this telecommunication-modern era (with Twitter, facebook and other social media). But why we feel so alone? There are a lot of tools to distract our mind from loneliness, from emptiness, but still we feel alone. If we live in the old days where there are no technology, I think it’s acceptable for us to feel alone (at least we lost contact due to the limitation of technology, even our day is over by the time the sun set and there’s no electricity). There are telephone, internet, e-mail, DVD player, TV, Audio system, video game, MMORPG, social site (twitter, facebook, myspace) etc. But still we feel lonely.

I don’t know why, but it seems that the old days are doing a lot better than us. In the old days, long distance relationship is not such a big issue, social life even seems a lot better in the old days. Maybe we became too selfish, too introvert, but why? Is it because the technology that were supposed to help and make our life easier is somehow isolate us, alienated us from each other, from the world it self? Sometimes I even feel more, well some sort of care, more give a damn about my notebook or Playstation, or even toys than my family (I even had a dream that I rescue my personal belonging than my family in the fire), we became attach by it, or even more connected by it than our surrounding, we just don’t give a damn about what happen between us. Thus it leads us to loneliness.

In Japan there’s a term “Hikikomori”, a type of person who live a solitary life, an unsocial type of person, this phenomenon also happens anywhere in this world. There’s no problem with it, it just if we know it, even if we just classified it, or at the least name it, it means that we just acknowledged it, accept it, give it a rights and also an obligation. Overall, we are OK with it, with something that once unacceptable in the past. Just like “gay thing”, we just told our parents if they can accept it, or just live with it, but now gay is almost OK, and acceptable in our society (I’m not a homophobic, it’s just amazing how fast we can accept new values). Back to topic, we gave it a name, we accept it, it means we’re OK with people who chose loneliness, who chose solitary life, just like we are OK with gay, and we’re OK with it as long as they are not interfering with our life, or they are not one of our relatives.

Is it because “fascism”, not the old age term, but the new age, in the era of technology, where people still an apathy and pacifist creature, we ignore each other, hell, people are ignorant. And somehow this ignorant, this apathy between us create an empty, an shallow creature that needs to be “filled” with something, and this fulfillment sometimes ends up in the wrong side, usually in consumptive behavior or something destructive, whether literally or not, that lead us into loneliness.

Or is it just the fact that misery loves company or what I don’t know? We are OK with it cuz deep down inside we know that we feel a lot better knowing that there is actually someone else who is more miserable than us, or there is a sense of easy, some comfort knowing that there is someone else who feel just like us or even as miserable as us in some degree. That is why I love so called emo genre, or why a lot of people dig slow love music with cheesy love lyrics or dig the cheesy cliché love movies. Or is it just the way of the world that leads us all to loneliness.

It’s not like we all are tough bad-a$$ that doesn’t need anyone, we do need anyone in some degree, but it’s just seems easier to be unattached, to be free from some bond, even if it’s family ties. It easier to run isn’t it? To have an “emergency exit” that you can just open, shut, and you’re safe from this world, alone. Maybe we need sometimes to be alone sometimes he he he we all die and buried alone right? Maybe it’s just some nature call or something. To feel alone and prepared us when the “day come” when every man for himself literally (WOW, I do believe in afterlife after all).

Cycle of Doom

The only important thing is to sell and make money. It has nothing to do with talent.

-George Harrison- The Beatles guitarist


After a while diet of watching T.V. , I decided to reread some old magazine and watching T.V. (mostly music and fashion show) and also cleaning out my attic, this odd activity led me to a strange phenomena, an odd and awkward but somehow tolerable by society. I discover old “trend” (I know I’m not the one who” discover” it, I just realize that it was there from the first time, but my ignorance saved me from become the victim of it).

Reread and re-watch those “craps” make me realize that we live in a very artificial world. In the verge of the 90’s, I remember the time when my sister is so gaga with New Kids On The Block (NKOTB). She worship them like that “band” (why they didn’t call them vocal group or something? They didn’t even play music instrument) is the best thing that ever happen to this God forsaken world. But just like a good trend pattern, its life span is somehow short-lived. Only takes one year for her to go gaga over other (boy) band and forgot them (NKO who?).

This is Indonesian boy band?

And for the love God or any ethereal thing that U worship depends on U’r preference, boy band is back, with a vengeance, at least in Indonesia. A boy band called SMASH makes a splash (not a just ripple) in Indonesia scene. Click here to find out how awesome and cool these guys are (sarcasm and cynical mode on). When they are old and looking back at what they did, they must be very proud of what they done when they are young (again, sarcasm and cynical mode on).

Sure back then boy band is the hottest thing back then (and now in Indonesia), but why? I mean, they didn’t even write the song (a handful of them probably write some), they even sometime didn’t really sing (lip-sync). What do they have to offer? Voice or maybe talent? Not so special (well some do sound something). Probably just looks, eh (though honestly SMASH is rather so-so or mediocre, at least for me, hey, I’m not gay I can’t judge some dude objectively cuz I’m not into “it” OK!)? I bet a dollar to a rock that’s the answer. A boy band offers a variety of boys to choose. The nice one, the rebel one, the innocent one, the dark-broody one, etc. It have all the fans (girls) needs to satisfy them self (probably also to satisfy some gay kid. No pun intended). Makes me wonder that the corporations that capitalize profit from this trend probably think that all the girls love them, and all the boys wanna be like them (NOT!!). A good look does matter (just like Godzilla, size does matter). Don’t believe? Read this quote:

I’ve told that if you want to make it in this game, gotta have the luck, gotta have the look

The Libertines, “The man who would be king”


But this trend, this cycle of Doom if U ask me, as I say before, short-lived. As the “people” crave for something else. Something different, knowing that the old trend had already reached boiling point and must cool off, other trend emerge, girl band, even “punk” band phenomena (boy band who play music instrument with good looking face, Punk became the new boy band, all eyes on “Busted”), then came RnB, then came Emo, then came Hip rock (or Rap rock, or so whatsoever), and so on and so on. The corporation just capitalizes everything that’s “hip”, suck it till dry and nothing left from it. Where the hell are those entire bands that once so “hip”? We just following a wave of industry created trend like robot doing their program.

Sure if there’s trend, there’s also anti-trend. Remember the time when every song in the chart is a ballad by Celine Dion, Peabo Bryson, and the old school gang? Or if you have other alternative, probably just boy band. At that time the “underground” scene also reached is boiling point and gets jaded with the ridiculous hair metal, almost everywhere is metal band, etc. Then came a hero out of nowhere, Nirvana. They brought the raw sound, edgy attitude, even mosh-pit to the main stream, and mainstream embrace it and go gaga all over it. This lead to the “alternative” era (best days of my life. With all the good band appeared).

But as we all know, when something became trend, it fated to be doomed sooner or later (well nothing good can last, all good things come to an end said Nely Furtado). As corporation take their dirty hand on this trend, they capitalized it, over exposed it, till there’s nothing left of it.

Hell, maybe SMASH it such a fuzz cuz Indonesian people finally bored and fed up with today’s trend, “Metal” or Melayu Total (some music genre that made emo less whiny and manlier somehow). If U wanna sample some taste of “Metal”, click here and here to hear some of it and no wonder why SMASH it such fuzz, which I personally hope will fade away soon enough. I hope this cycle of Doom can be break somehow (SIGH)

It did not lie

“Whoever said a picture was worth a thousand words… is about to see just how badly he miscounted.”

Ra’s al Ghul- JLA: Tower of Babel

OK, that quote said by the megalo maniac before he unleashes a doomsday weapon, but yes, I talk about picture, a photo to be exact. Recently, I stumbled into old photo album of my family and me. Maybe cuz I’m kinda “free” in the weekend (I took a test in some prospectus future office he he, so I didn’t have any plan whatsoever in weekend rather than prepared myself for the test).

Personally, I didn’t have a spot for a photography (I’d like taking picture but I didn’t like to be shoot at). And somehow I remember that at 2008 (wow, 2 years ago!) I went into World Press Photo 08 at Pacific Place Mall Jakarta and I try to remember all the message that the photos in that exhibition try to deliver. From the haunting of anti-war message to a funny message of brotherhood and sense of competition in extreme sport. They all try to tell a story. My favorite is the photo of ex-President of Russia, Mr. Vladimir Putin. There’s something on that photo that captivate my interest, probably cuz it capture Vlad, it’s charismatic and power. You won’t get that kinda shot, that peculiar looks without years of experience, war-torn, betrayal, revolution, survival, etc. The second is the sport inspired photo, it really fun to see those moment of achievement capture right on the spot (which I forgot to take the picture unfortunately).

Way cool Vlad, U’re awesome

It’s funny people use to say a picture worth a thousand word, but we still read novel or newspaper and we acknowledged comic or manga as a lesser form of art (though now people called comic as graphic novel. Ha! Didn’t see it coming huh smarty-pants. Comic and manga is as good as novel U dweep!). Hell, even some people say Twilight novel version is better than the movie (I admit I saw it, but not for the so called Edward Cullen, I’m a huge fan of Kristen Stewart since I saw her movie “Speak”, hint : check the movie in youtube. A very nice movie, though some people still said the novel is better, again, the same argument). Even most people say Harry Potter novel beat the hell out of the movie (I don’t see or read this. Not interested. Period).

Again I remembered how hate I am of being shot at. Maybe cuz I’m not photogenic, or maybe just like Indian, I believe some of me had been taken (my spirit or my life expectancy) with each shot taken. So in result I don’t have lots photo of myself. Well no problem but somehow I think I miss something, cuz memory can be twisted, mistaken by intention or not, like a room can be bigger, some color could be darker even some false memory can be created under sub-conscious mind. But a photo, I think it capture the moment and immortalized in (even when today we could modified or re-touch photo in Adobe or photoshop the essence of the photo still there). I remember when my friend showed me a photo of how he celebrate a goal, each time he feels down and gave up his dream of becoming a footballer, he just saw that photo and he will be psyche again (though he gave up his dream eventually and join me to become corporate robot and slave wages). But he always remembers that feeling of accomplishment, achievement, he still saw that picture every time he feeling down.

True, a photo capture that “moment”, it never lies. I remembered when my neighbor just stares at photo of him and his girlfriend. He wonder, “what’s wrong with this picture?”, it’s a picture perfect of couple smiling, hand in hand on a vacation in Bali. What went wrong? How that perfect couple change into a complete stranger? He told me that after the break up, they never talk again, even they never met each other again. He said that even if he saw her, he’d just vanish from her sight. But that photo tells a story that there was a beautiful story between them. Just like photo of my friend making a goal. It captures the moment and it makes all worthwhile, no matter how insignificant that moment is.

And I try to remember, if there’s a moment that I need to be cherished, to remembered for the rest of my life. Then I found an old photo of my family and me, I’m still little (and fat like a pig, how come I’m like a skeleton or drug abuser right now?), my parent still live the 80’s style (hair style, clothes, etc). And I smile the widest smile in a while. My family is not perfect, we put “fun” in the word dysfunctional family, but that photo tells me that there was a happy family. I’m still having that light in my eye that said, “brave new world, here I come”, and that smile of an angel. Where did all that go? How come my family becomes dysfunctional? When did I turn into a pessimist, jaded, suicidal tendencies loser? Did reality take my virginity? Did life took me by surprise and turn his back on me, or maybe I’m the one who turn my back from the world? Did I walk away, or run away from life?

Yep, we put “fun” in dysfunctional

Again I said the cliché word, what went wrong? I know that time can’t be turned back, and the only option is to moving forward with everything that already happens. So with a mind track that the photo did not lie, I try to recover the family I once had, that photo show me there was a moment like that and probably that moment still exist within us just wait to be uncover, unraveled. Maybe I can be saved, to maintain, or regain the innocence (which is impossible, so probably regain my optimist), I think the kids within me still exist. That photo did not lie.

There’s still a light of hope in my eyes

The Bang-Bang Gene

What is more bad-ass than Batman? Batman with a GUN!

You have to know your enemy Alfred. I’d never use one, but even I can appreciate the attraction of a gun. The heft, the sleekness, the cool steel, the precision, and the power. The power to change life, history, the power of God.

Bruce Wayne, “Dead Shot”, Batman, Gotham Knight

Baby loves Gun! How cute is that?

I’d just realize this (after playing shooting game in arcade and try air soft gun), I realize that I  love gun. The bigger they are, the better they feel, the better they bang. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think everyone have the same tendency as well. Just looks how kids love to play cop & thief (cowboy or Indian, shhot ‘em up, etc you name it), how kids just love to hold a gun, to aim it to another person, “bang-bang”, it feels good if you shoot it (I don’t know if this tendency also apply to girl). It feels like second nature isn’t it? You held it, and you just know what to do, shoot it (please don’t push me to the point pun intended of a sex scene here guys, U know, the part where the dude hits the climax he he).

Just pull it. Bang-Bang

It’s not like I love shooting people or stuff (well I enjoy it in video game or in role play, so it don’t count), or I love to intimidate others, but I think everyone loves gun. For some, it means as a tool of power, the proof of superiority, the distinctive feature that separate the predator from the hunted, the alpha-male attachment that were engraved within our body from the dawn of history of mankind (I also think this would also apply to the girl, I mean the female of the species is more deadly than the male, nature taught that as a fact). For others, it serves as a protection, and unlike other tool of protection such as knife, you don’t need to know how to use it well (like how to twist it, how to stab right, etc), all you need is jut to pull the trigger, and the rest is just, well smooth ride into the unknown.

Even Spidey digs Gun!

No matter what the reason is, to equip a gun, is a very lethal temptation. Why we carry a gun from the start?  A gun is meant to be shot, it is it’s destiny, to serve it’s purpose. To deny it it’s a strange thing. Just like a blade, a knife, it mean to cut, to slice, to thrust, not just to be carried for nothing, or maybe it’s just a fashion statement that you, who carry the weapon is a bad ass? Just like candle that meant to be burned and vanish, to held a gun is to shoot at something, even if you just shooting up in vain.

One gun? Lame!

Well, I don’t know if it just me that being a psycho or something, but if you ask me, a gun is one of the most impressive thing that been created by man in history. Just like quote from one of my favorite movie, Hard Boiled, starring Chow Yun Fat as the role he used to play, soft spoken bad ass who kills lots of people, “Give a guy a gun, he think he’s Superman. Give him two and he think he’s God.” I gotta buy Playstation 2 Gun-Con to satisfy my urge overkill and kill this itchy finger that I attached recently.

Now we’re talking yeeeha (if only I also had rocket-launcher)

Perfect Society, Philosophically

The invasion of discriminative hegemony into sub-conscious in the 80’s video game can be apprehended in rhetoric idea of psychosexual on the term of hangin out…
My teacher/dean gibberish that I don’t think someone could understand when I was still in college

Can you understand that gibberish? My dean/teacher, who have some degree in philosophy, said that gibberish when he tried to analyze why youngster have the so-called consumptive lifestyle nowadays. I don’t know if it just me, or is philosophy are meant to be confusing so if we said something philosophical we could sounds so clever because no one is understanding what the hell are we talking about?

The fag who introduce platonic relationship

If we talk about philosophy, we talked about the world of idea, which we might associate it with Plato. This guy is known for his idea, that some are brilliant, while the other is plain weird. If you don’t know Plato, maybe you ever heard of Platonic relationship, which is a relationship that always thought that idea comes first, without even having some ‘physical interaction’ (read: kiss, hugging, sex, etc. How come? Are you fag or impotent or something?), you know, when you’re have this mate that just don’t wanna get lovey-dovey action although the two of you are already in the path of officially couples. Well it came from Plato the philosopher.

Plato in his book Politea (The Republic) are tried to applied the dogma of equality to create the perfect society. In his society, since born the children are separated from their parent and raised in the orphanage by government so they will acknowledge government as their parent. School became the decider of everyone role in society (just like today, where in order to get a jobs, you have to be at least at college). Those who are sucks at sport will became farmer that support the well being of common good (along with the ransom supplies. Better than being bullied right?). Those who are jocks but poor in math will become soldier (probably they are so dumb they will think they aren’t outnumbered by the enemy in war ^_^). And those who are good at sports and math are destined to the elite, destined to lead the republic and will have the honor to learn about … (the plot thickens) philosophy?! These leader-philosopher will sleep, eat, work, and share their belongings together, because it believed that this will prevent them to become corruptible, especially politically (I think this is a training ground for the gay-homo leader camp). The best one of the philosopher will become the king who will rule ‘em all. Every works of art, music, literature, entertainment who’s not consisting the praise for the nation (gov) will be banned, and all kind of individualism will be exterminated (and I began to wonder why this book called The republic, communism is more suitable). Thanks God that this homoerotic idea is never, ever been implemented.

Communist party or communist in party?

Is that the perfect society? The idea of equality is probably the craziest idea that’s so absurd that I even wonder if it could really be implemented. Chinese culture revolution, French revolution, etc are happened because they want justice, equality. The revolution ended with blood bath and some hefty price, even in my country Indonesia, we paid a crazy price for reformation and democracy (May 1998 Riot where Indonesia declared the state of emergency). So we could assume that equality is nothing but a piece of trash huh?

But then again, many countries tried to became the so-called free country, USA for instance. They said that they are a free country, land of freedom, etc, but just listen to where is the love from the Black Eyed Peas, we know that they aren’t as free as they claimed. USA is well known for it double standard, especially in UN veto, and the Israel-Palestine, let’s just stop there before this shit become too political, but then again, politic is philosophical.

These guys even knew their country better than their president
You did'nt call this porn? Come on!!!!

Society always have double standard on reacting for individual achievement, hell, they have double standard for everything. Society believed that Playboy magazine is forbidden cuz it’s porn and showing full Monty (though not as vulgar as the internet), but they claimed that the statue of David are a work of art (though it’s also shows full frontal nudity like playboy. Come on it shows phallus 4 G sake. What’s phallus? It’s men genital organ OK, the birdie?). If someone became too successful like Bill Gates (I’m a Mac preferred guy OK? I dig I i-pod, i-mac, i-raq, i-ndonesia, etc), society will entitle him as an actor of monopoly and blocked his moves to gain more profit.

Is this the face of capitalist-predator-world dominator? More like a nerd to me

So, I guess we just have to be thankful for what we’ve got. Whether it’s republic, monarchy, socialism, communism, etc, as long as your country support even just a little of your individualism, you should be thankful. Because there’s no such thing as perfect society. Hell, even Chinese who claimed to be a communist is more liberal than a liberal country nowadays. All kind of society system is OK, as long as the society who applied it are applying it ism in the right way and care about their people, not just philosophically. Philosophy sucks!


The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persist in trying to adapts the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man
George Bernard Shaw

OK, Rich boy with apetite for beating up criminal at night clearly have some issue

Let me tell you why I dig Batman. First, it’s cuz the dark atmosphere. Batman is one of the comic that really tells you how the world can be so dark, so sick and demented (filled with crazy people, rape literally or metaphorically, death around the corner, crime, etc). Second, cuz the Batman himself. He is the true anti-hero. He fights fire with fire (he’s to wild that DC decided to tame him with the creation of Robin, but as the story progress you could tell that the dark world kept the dark knight, well, dark). The third one is the philosophy. Yes, if you read Batman, you’ll knew how sick, pessimist, grim, gloom Batman is. He doesn’t believe in anyone (even have a file of the list of the super hero and super villain weakness), he once said “power tends to be corrupt and who is more powerful than Superman”. Another philosophy is when he said that the difference between Batman and Superman is deep down inside Clark is good man, and deep down inside Bruce is not.
Maybe it’s how Batman grew. The dark world effects him, the color did not change, he change the way he see it. “Lying on the ground, with blood on my hand. I learned that the only way to make sense in this world is when you force your way into it”. So, you probably think what’s the point in reading something that will only bring you bad mood? Well, it’s the philosophy, even though, the world is dark, but Batman himself it the light (no matter how grim that is). He refuses to surrender to the world, he forces his way into it, he put the law into his own hand. Deep down he knew that he is fighting a loosing battle against crime, but he refuses to give up. As a symbol, he can’t be corrupted, he could be more than just a man, he is legend. He could do the thing that no one else will do, the right thing. Not cuz he’s a hero, but cuz he is a vigilante, a watchful dark knight.
And yes, Batman still tells you that no matter how worse it is, there are always hope. Jim Gordon once said to Batman, you know why I didn’t move to other city? I’m not born here, I could make my family live in safer city, so why I didn’t move? Because there are always hope. We could make this city a better place. As long there are people like me, like you”. Hell even Batman himself said, “As the sun rises I smiled. Not because the dark night is over, but because one day I knew that I will win and I don’t have to wear this mask again” (although everyone said that Bruce Wayne is the mask, the real person is the Batman).
Then the last reason is cuz Batman has the coolest line of villain, they are so out of the box, so crazy. Not because the villain is super strong, but because they are crazy, they think out of the box. Because the crazy, we need to know what drive them into dark side. (unlike Superman enemy, they are strong, powerful, a sun eater and bad, that’s it. That’s all we need to know, and that’s why Lex Luthor still the most arch enemy of Superman). Hence, enter the Joker. No super power, but ranked as No. 1 villain by wizard magazine, even Supergirl afraid of him. He called himself the Joker cuz he think that this world is crazy and sick, dull and ordinary. But fear not, Batman and the Joker is here to save the day and makes the world more interesting and try to say for every crazy thing he did, “Did you get the joke?” The Joker is the opposite of Batman, but that’s what makes them attract to each other, opposite attract. They both think out of the box, try to beat each other in a cycle of never ending fight, and they both enjoy the company of each other. That’s what makes their world go around.

Nice smile, he's probably some toothpaste model right?

That’s what makes the world an interesting place when you think about it, to think out of the box. In the old days, to be different is to be deemed as crazy, and sentenced to death (Galileo once prosecuted to death cuz he believes the world is round, not flat). Think of how we would still in the dark ages if the revolutionary, crazy idea is forced to adapt to the dull ordinary, normal world. We wouldn’t have technology these days if it weren’t for radical dream and out of the box thinking. Remember when photograph first invented and they said that you stole someone’s soul each time a picture is taken? Or remember when doing an autopsy is consider to commit a sacrilege? Hell, even use a fork considered a madness cuz it once believe who would be fool enough to choke themselves with sharp object such as fork? (Well most of us did).
And being crazy is one way to break free from mediocre. Why? Cuz society always try to maintain status quo, for reason that sometimes sounds silly, like for the better good, or for social order, or simply to maintain the established power. Honestly, the word “change” is a forbidden word just like Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter (personally if you ask me, change needs some serious budget, imagine to change every business card, paper, uniform, etc that contains the old logo that been changed by the new one). Society breaks and broke all of our imagination, remember when your elementary teacher used to tell you how to draw a mountain, how to coloring a hill? Or how you should play the music instrument rather than teach you how to play music? They won’t accept changes, it is written in our DNA. They said we are born as free creature, yet we are jailed within our own confinement, our comfort zone, our rules. We have to be crazy to break the rules, just like the Joker said, “the only sensible way to live in this crazy world is to live without rules”.
Thank God cuz these days, being crazy is accepted, even sometimes become necessity. Change or die, think out of the box or out of business, Hell, even Seal sang “no we never gonna survive, unless, we get a little crazy”.