Just Antoher Filler For This Year He He

So, in the spirit of Christmas & long holiday, also my laziness support it, I kinda feel…not into write something. So, I just try to fill my blog with anything that I could come up with, which in this case just making fun of some image I found he he. So, here goes nothing & I hope it could still entertain someone out there.

First stop, figures he he

Chicks dig the muscle he he
Chicks dig the muscle he he
The real hangover
The real hangover
Pogo dance still "in" in hell
Pogo dance still “in” in hell
Brokeback Mountain, marvel style
Brokeback Mountain, marvel style
No wonder Loki is jealous
No wonder Loki is jealous
My feeling exactly when I saw new toys
My feeling exactly when I saw new toys

Next, some image from comic he he.

Best. Fart. Ever!
Best. Fart. Ever!
Even in recession, Bats still rich ^_^
Even in recession, Bats still rich ^_^
Grammy performance nominee
Grammy performance nominee
Manly tears
Manly tears

Hope this can entertain U he he.


I Just Don’t Know What To Do (Again ^_^)

It’s just one of those times, when I made a promise myself that my New Year resolution is to blog a post once a week & I just don’t know what to write ha ha. So I guess I just post some funny edit image to fill the gap he he. So here it goes.

Heavy A list celebrities makes it sink
Scar-JO, so sexy her fart is so dangerous
Now U know why Manly man like Hulk had no hairy chest
S on his chest stands for sexy!!!
So sexy it makes him hungry, super hungry

Some random picture from my daily chore ha ha

If U sleep in public transport, BEHAVE!!
Picture imperfect ha ha
Shake that money maker bro ha ha

Hope it could entertains U he he.

This Used To Be My Playground & I Kinda Miss It

Flash news, which somehow is a useless info, my working place has been

Empty Hallway...

moved. I usually work at 6th floor but now we moved (though to be specific, 6th floor dweller is splits into several locations, even some Department move into another building) to the 10th floor. It’s only 2 weeks but somehow I feel a little nostalgic & out of nowhere have the urge to see what happens on the 6th floor that probably being renovated.

It’s not like that place have some special meaning or something, though I spent (or wasted, depends on point of view) almost 4 years in that floor. Probably there something that has been attached within me, something special probably, so I just went there to find out & surprise-surprise, I feel somehow sentimental & lost something.


Too see the place usually packed with energy, with life now turned into soulless ghost floor (yeah I kinda trespassing & enter that floor he he). It’s always left some uneasy feeling, even if U claims U have nothing, anything toward something, to see some drastic changes in it will give some Impact to U. I kinda miss the time I spent (wasted) there, that corner I used to humming into my mp3, those people that sharing floor with us, bottom-line is that this ghost floor used to be my playground that somehow I refuse to accept that it changes.

Well, somehow I learned that everything must come to an end in order to start

I miss that chair ^_^

something new (no matter what kind of new that is, it may becomes worst or better). Nothing last forever, if there’s a meeting/gathering there will always be a separation/goodbye. Life is a series of event that seems random with it ups & downs. We have to prepare for everything or to be more suitable, expect the worst while prepare for the best.

Funny thing is, I never felt like this when I was graduated from high school or graduated from college, maybe I am an anti-social ha ha. But then again, we learn something new everyday & most likely, I will have that uneasy feeling now since now I have steady relationship he he.

Well, all I can say is just like in Kung Fu Panda, the past is history, the future is mystery, now is the gift, that’s why it called present. Guess we have to just live & learn the uncertainty of life. Oh, another things I learned bout this experience came from movie happythankyoumoreplease (yes, that’s the title & its confusing but it’s a great movie, a “feel-good” movie, do check it out), is that U have to be thankful for what U’ve got & everything that will come to U & say that magic words “happy-thank-you-more-please” in order to have more he he. Cheers for the uncertainty, surprise & bless, even the bad-luck, tragedy that will come & add spice to our life, for without it life will be dull ha ha.

We won't be like this forever but we'll surely remember it that way he he

PS : What the hell am I doing!!! Instead of studying for test here I am babbling about some stupid floor ha ha ha. Hell que sera sera, C’est La Vie \(^o^)/)

Just Some Random Gig & Picture

Last Saturday I was forced to do overtime & to make it worse, somehow I managed to sprained or screwed my ankle (don’t ask but all I can tell that it involved some stupid working shoes that didn’t fit for day job in Indonesia). Let’s just say my Saturday night went abruptly into the sink hole.

But as I wasting my life on the office, I decided to abuse office facility & hit the internet then I found out that one of my local fave bands, DREW will held a small gig in Urban Fest 2011 at Ancol North Jakarta. Guess my Saturday ain’t that bad he he (besides the fact that my ankle hurts like hell).

OK, let’s see beach (Ancol is a beach) checked, Music (Urban fest is an exhibition that includes, art, music urban activity) checked, cost/expense (it’s free event unless U count ticket to enter Ancol Rp. 15.000,- is an expense though it’s reasonable & affordable) checked, a justification for me buying a ridiculous bank busting camera, though not an SLR but a PEN (my new found obsession for photography) checked. To sum it all, it’s a winning situation ^_^

So, despite there’s a lot of others band perform. I just wanna save my camera battery for DREW, since they are reason I came he he. So, here are their photo ha ha :

The cute Sashi
Aji, don't know but I think there is something very interesting with this guy
Putra, hard to capture since he stands on the back
Shanda, not much of a talker
Ouch my feet he he
This mic tastes like banana

I love this blurry picture don't know why

Ha ha. My Saturday ain’t that bad at all. My Sunday was Awesome ha ha ha

When This Image Went Wrong (At Least In My Head)

I admit I am a “mall rats”, I love strolling around mall, rubbernecking, & saw all this strangers (I love the feel “alone” in the crowd, it makin’ me like a watcher..or maybe just some stalker  ^_^). Sometimes I also love to make fun out of anything I see in mall, also my journey to mall through public transport. Throughout my wasted time & life at the mall, sometimes I found some “picture imperfect” that make me think, ‘Damn! This should be funny if only….” Thus I decided to put some pictures when display of some product went wrong (though sometimes the people in it that makes it wrong).

It takes 2 to tango ha ha
Metal yeah!!!

dilemma of hardcore gym-boy
State of denial
Is that what i think it is?

Hope U found it enjoyable he he

Not So Macho After All

Men are always pictures themselves as macho-bad@$$-hardcore dude. We’re

Manly man at their best ha ha

very competitive, we believe it’s a dog eat dog world out there, survival of the fittest world. When we came into this world (read : born) the soundtrack that our big daddy-O gives is “Welcome To The Jungle” by Guns ‘n Roses. If God didn’t create women, men will ruled the world with iron-fist and this God-forsaken realm will turn into apocalyptic dystopian future in a flash, our hair will grow long, we still use spandex and we never wore a shirt since muscle is a necessity (probably) and our means of communication is high-pitch shriek. Why? Cuz apocalyptic dystopian future or end of the world and all those stupid things fits with heavy metal or at least grind-core song that represents man at its best (macho-muscular-steroid infused junkie).

But since the Lord is merciful (or sinister or probably has some weird taste of humor, depends on whom U asked), he (or she depends on whom U asked) create women to tame our alpha-male destructive instinct but guess that’s not enough cuz there is other symptom to taming men, homosexuality or deviation of men (sissy or men with feminine attitude, just like the creation of platypus, G-man really has out of the box sense of humor ^_^). Either U believes it that it’s God sent or not, it was there to make male-oriented world not so macho (for its own sake or the sake of existence I don’t know).

Since it’s a man’s world, I wonder for whom he pose like that (gay fans probably ha ha)

Here are some of captured moments to pull us back to earth and show us that even in the world filled with sport, sweat, muscle & manly activity we’re not that macho after all he he








Dude riding a "rocket", something is fishy here