Deep Blue Diver Watch…Awesome!!!

So, I found an interesting watch on flea market, Deep Blue Master 1000. I traded my SKX007 and Citizen NY2300 for this he he. Yeah the box (the original one) really showed how old this watch is.

But wait till you see the watch. It’s awesome!!! Glorious and epic to say the least he he. Just see my unboxing he he. The case is really good.

The watch came with rubber strap and steel strap.

Honestly, you may never heard the brand. Because Deep Blue is a micro brand and yeah, it makes the watch exclusive and kinda personalized he he. Sure the design is some sort of homage for Rolex (what kinda diver watch doesn’t?) and a direct homage for Omega diver (especially with Helium release valve). But the build quality, the heft and the size (it’s big, 45mm round) makes this watch a stellar.

The steel strap is awesome. You can tell the quality just by seeing it. Unlike SKX007 with the cheap jubilee and (not my cup of tea) rubber strap. This watch is really robust, ready to war he he.

Seriously, look at the watch! Even in my not so good picture you can see the detail on the dial, on the bezel, all of its body. Even the back case is well crafted without looking corny.

The machine itself is a robust and reliable. They use Seiko’s engine he he. But this time is a hack-able automatic engine. The bezel itself is a 120 click uni directional, though not as buttery smooth like Seiko but still give great accuracy.

The only downside that I can found is the size may not for everyone. Even the rubber may be to big for everyone. Oh the luminous also weak, but it because its old. But weirdly that at pitch black it somehow glow (though weak), so the luminous last for a very long time somehow.

So, to sum it all, this is a very good watch. For the prize, it’s close to Seiko SKX but you’ll get a 300m diver watch with very high quality strap (rubber and steel), a robust, solid build quality. A winner in every way. If it’s too big wear a perlon like I did.


Justice League, Highly Enjoyable with It Flaws

I just saw Justice League review from Rotten Tomatoes…and though it’s to be expected, they have some sort of “hatred” for DC movies, but somehow it’s insane and unacceptable.

Well, rotten tomatoes somehow praise Wonder Woman as one of the best superheroes movie ever, which in my own review only average. My wife and her friend (a casual movie-goer, not comic fan-boy like me) also think Wonder Woman is average at best. Sure the build up and origin story is good, but the final battle is meh😓.

So, me, my wife and her friend watched Justice League and our review is…it’s a good movie and we would like to see it one more time. IMHO, it’s a good movie but not great. Had it flaws but still good and highly enjoyable. At least it’s way better than Avenger Age of Ultron and Thor the Dark World for me (which rated higher than most DC movie).

There will be spoilers here, so I just say it forward, watch this movie. It’s good, enjoyable and if I have to rate it, I give 8 out 10 max.

1. Story

Well, the story is like Wonder Woman, linear, straight and crowd pleasing. No wonder in my country it’s rated 13+, unlike Batman v Superman 17+ dark, grim and violence. It’s highly enjoyable, light-hearted and will make you smile. Push heroism to the max and positivity spread for viewers.

2. Character

Well, Batman and Wonder Woman had the most spotlight (as if they are the father and mother figure of the team😁). But almost all the characters have their own time to shine. Aquaman is bad @$$ rebel, Flash is the comic relief and the most fun character, Cyborg is the dark brooding logic and brain to the team. Sadly Superman still have the least time and character progression of all.

I really dig the possibility of Batman-Wonder Woman relationship. But seeing how they always tried to distance themselves, it’s really hurts to know that they won’t be a couple 😓.

And yeah Batman character is the most developed in the movie. He is more positive but still have suicidal tendencies he he. If people said he have man-crush on Superman, I said that is because he thinks that the world needed him the most, not Batman. You’ll see throughout the movie that Batman always willing to sacrifice and give his life in order for the mission to succeed. Thank God the team always be there to keep him alive (even if he is mad because it’s not according to the plan 😅). Even Wonder Woman admitting that she needed Batman to lead the team.

3. CGI

Most people complained that the CGI sucks. Honestly it’s barely noticeable unless you really try to found it’s flaws and love to make fun of it. The pace is fast, the fight is fierce so yeah, CGI is barely give it flaws unless you really paid attention to it.

Even Cyborg CGI is barely noticeable unless you stop the sequence and paid the attention for it. Just stop to do that and enjoy the movie.

4. Enemy

Yeah, Steppenwolf is there just to be strong enemy and punching the team. But that’s what happens to most superheroes movie. Ultron is there for the sake of enemy that can withstand the Avengers and so on. So I guess you can’t blame it.

5. Joss Whedon factor

You’ve probably heard that Zack Snyder retired due to the family affairs and Josh Whedon step up and scrap and wrap things up. You can see that his touch is kinda out of tune for this movie. Sometimes the grim dark tone of Zack is “corrupted” by Josh light and positivity. The one-liner sometimes out of place (especially seeing Batman crack a joke😓). So yeah, it’s one of the downsides. No wonder people said Justice League tried so hard to be The Avengers.

So… I guess it’s a wrap that I won’t check rotten tomatoes for reference if it’s DC movie. I prefer YouTube reviewers or word of mouth rather than those critiques he he.

PS: I’ve heard that Ben Affleck might be retired from being Batman and it’s sad because he is a great Bruce Wayne and Batman. Some people just good at being one (Keaton good as Batman sucks at Bruce, even Bale is good at Bruce sucks as Batman). You’ll see from this movie that he is old, tired and thinks that he don’t belong in the team. I hope that one of the Robins can take the mantle rather than replace Affleck (rumor has it that Jake Gylenhal will replace him).

Why Do I Still Wear a (Dumb) Watch in This Day & Age?

My father was a watch maker. He abandoned it when Einstein discovered time is relative. I would only agree that a symbolic clock is as nourishing to the intellect as photograph of oxygen to a drowning man.

Jon Osterman – Watchmen

Maybe it’s just me or something, but I found less & less people wearing watch these days. People even use their cell phone for checking time rather than use their watch (even when they wear a watch ^_^). I guess this so-called trend cemented in that movie, “The Internship” where the main character realized that their job as watch salesman is over, due to that trend and their acknowledgement that wearing a watch is dying breed.

I’m glad that somehow I manage to “infected” my friend to became watch aficionado he he. Even if it means that they just buy one watch, the fact that they happy with their watch is, at least for me, the sign that watch is not going to died and disappeared. Maybe it became a niche or cliché market but it will survive. There are lots of watch club out there, and the fact that Google, apple, etc try to made smart-watch is undeniable fact that watch is here to stay.

Honestly, I don’t see the importance of using smart-watch, or even android gear, or any kind smart-accessories for many reasons like, well, I’m not a fitness buff but I don’t see any benefit for an accessories that drain your phone battery (connected via Bluetooth), doesn’t stand alone (even if it’s stand alone, limited function) and also poor battery performance, besides the main function is probably to look cool or show how rich you are he he. Maybe smart-watch is in premature state or something that will be better in the future, but I don’t need a distraction from my phone, if my phone could do it all anyway (that’s why people look at their phone rather than watch, why not use it also for notifications, or use their phone for fitness applications).

I guess this is why I’m wondering, why did I still used (dumb) watch in this day & age. So far, this is top reasons why:

1. Time reminder or checker

This is the basic function that works just right. A watch is a machine that exactly tells you what time is it. Even if some people would say that the definition of time it self is only a concept that was created by men to coop with changes of sun or moon movement, or just to standardized daily schedule, but that is the point, a machine that tells you what time is it.

Sure people would say that a watch, analog watch to be exact, the automatic machine, tends to be faster or slower within weeks or months, thus it’s inaccurate. True, but that’s what I enjoyed from using automatic or even hand winding a watch every morning, setting the time early in the morning before activity is become a second nature to start a day. If you want accuracy, you should used quartz watch or digital watch. Problem solved he he.
Seriously, just I could just waste my time looking at an automatic watch movement. There’s something that mesmerizing to see the hands moves smoothly, like realizing that time is a river that you can’t slow down. It consumes everything, the good and the bad for something new. Wow, wearing a watch makes me a philosopher he he

2. The good old days

Ah, the good old days, what I mean with this is the fact that in the good old days, you don’t need to do everything, just do one thing good and its good enough, or even a job well done. That’s what a watch really is, a machine to tell time, everything else is an extra or added value.

This is also why I don’t jump into smart-watch bandwagon, that thing trying too hard to do or to be everything. They should focus into a watch first and everything else later instead of try to do everything, that’s why the only smart watch so far that I recommended is only pebble because they focused on notifications, everything else is just an extra added value.

3. The history, prestige and all that jazz

This is the extra and added value of a watch (besides the number 4 below, style) that the wearer can get benefit from. Wearing a watch isn’t really just wearing a watch for watch aficionado. You should know the history of the manufacturer, the type of movement, water resistant, material, etc. Because a watch isn’t really a watch for people who really like watch. It’s a culmination of human engineering, seriously, just look at automatic or manual winding watch and you’ll realize how damn ingenuity human really is. You’ll appreciate the history of the manufacturer or the progress they made in conjunction with the method of modern days watch.

If you buy a cheap watch and then buy an expensive one (even not Rolex or Omega but something like Seiko or Orient) you’ll realize how fancy, authentic, and luxurious those watch compared to the cheap one. That’s why the prestige of wearing luxury watch sometimes can’t be compared by using smart-watch or affordable watch.

Wearing watch also shows your preference or in some level shows what kind of person you are. If you prefer automatic watch, you’re the type that loves hassle free or simple things but appreciates routine or the schedule because you always set your time early in the morning. You don’t need or don’t bother yourself to change battery. Vice versa if you prefer quartz, you’re also a simple man that might not be devoted because you can change your watch without the hassle of setting the watch when the power reserve is done. If you love digital watch, you might be a highly adaptable person that embrace changes and loves technology. Sure this preference might be biased, but it might be an indicator, just like in your preference of shoes, women, etc.

4. Style

Ah, this is also an added value or extra, but for some people this is the most important stuff. A watch is a versatile accessory that could easily adapt to your style whenever you needed it. Even small modification like changing strap can really change the watch into something else entirely different. That’s why sometimes people could only use one watch but different straps just suit it with the occasions.

5. Battery life

Smart watch, at the moment I wrote this, had a maximum battery life of 6 months (but with normal battery not li-on). The li-on maximum life is approximately 7 days. That’s why wearing them is such a hassle, at least for me that is. Wearing a dumb watch doesn’t require the mundane charge your battery activity in order to use it. My automatic watch only need date and day setting after inactive, my manual winding just like that but need a simple winding (but if you wear it as daily driver, you just need winding and then it’ all system go, quartz watch can withstand 5 years of battery cycle (my G-shock last for 10 years!).

So yeah, maybe I’m old school, and my love for watch is probably a sign that I’m remnant or relic of the past. But I don’t think watch is going to be dead & forgotten. Smart-watch is the answer to the question whether wearing watch is a dying breed. Just like wearing shoe, or choose a car or cell phone, what type of music we listens, a watch showing what kind of person we really are I guess. And as long as people have their unique traits or ability, I guess watch will always be needed.

The ultimate beater watch. Ever. Period

Well, I already gave an abundant praise for Vostok that you can say that I’m officially joining cult he he. But in all honesty, since I have 2 vostok (the 18mm lug and 22mm ministry case lug), I prefer the 18mm lug.

Maybe it’s because I love the streamlined body and not to big lug that suits me (I’m kinda skinny). Or probably because that watch is an ongoing project for me. I repaired it from junk into a little engine that could.

I once wrote about a little mod that I do on my favorite vostok. I swap the dial but unfortunately due to the close encounter with my son, the luminous pip is removed (at first only one pip that fell from the dedicated place, so I just removed it all😓). Now I bought a new bezel for it from eBay and after waiting almost like forever, the bezel finally arrived.

After I replaced the bezel. I finally realized that my love for Vostok is a conspiracy by higher being for me. I happened to have extra pair of bezel insert (actually a leftover or garbage to be honest) that fit the bezel. A rally bezel insert for SKX that my friend gave me because it’s, by all means necessary, garbage for him.

The luminous pip is gone, there’s a scratch or dent in bezel. You can’t fix this one most people will say. But I just hold on into it somehow, and it really pays off. It’s match made in heaven for the bezel. Here’s the final product.

w, don’t know why but I dig the worn & wound, battle scarred looks. Most people will try to restore things into a prime, perfect polished condition but not me. This watch is “perfect” for me.

e only minor gripe is that winding the crown is “harder” due to the increased size of the bezel. Seriously, this watch is making me wondering is lug 22 is too big and overkill? This watch bezel size is the same as my SKX007 (lug 22mm).

is watch makes me realize that a knight is shining armor is a warrior that never had his armor or self tested. I prefer the knight with worn & wound battle scarred armor that shows it capability to adapt, improvise and overcome all odds.

This is actually the real beater watch, at least for me. This watch capable to withstand extreme measures (Google it, check YouTube to see how tough this watch is). Mine is serviced for it’s water resistant and the only watch that withstand the onslaught of my son (my other watch need to be repaired after being “tested” by my son). And the price is really affordable. I really recommend this watch for your first automatic or manual winding watch.

This watch transformed from military diver watch into a fun, awesome and cool looking watch. This watch is my main go to for playing, traveling or playing sports. Even my plan to buy Swatch is thwarted because I don’t need a cool fun watch. I already have one he he.

The only thing that came to my mind when try to improve this watch is…cannibalizes the 22mm lug machine and hands into this baby. I’ll keep the worn dial and probably the date disc. Crazy I know but that’s how much I dig this watch 😅. With all that stupid reason I mentioned, I’m gonna wear it with pride 😊.

Pengabdi Setan, A “Very Good” Horror Movie

So, I just watch an Indonesian horror movie, a genre that if you’re an Indonesian probably dismissing as some sort of “lesser” being in Indonesian movie. That’s because most Indonesian horror movie is a cheap excuse for stupid jump-scare, stupid story and finale, also a weird fetish excuse for showing girls with something skimpy or sexual innuendo 😅.

But this one is different, this movie is supposedly a remake of the old 80’s movie with the same title Pengabdi Setan. I’ll be honest to say that the old movie is one of my favorite movies. Probably because when I was small, that movie is scary. But even after I rewatched it many times, I still have soft spot for it. Just see the old movie poster I post below. Also Joko Anwar written and directed it. So far he never fails to make a movie. All of his movies is good and the genre is varied.<

hee old movie is a grounded conservative horror movie about a family (a rather faithless one, more hedonistic and material one, they’re crazy @$$ rich) facing a disturbance from unearthly force that came from their new maid (a satan worshippers, hence the title Pengabdi Setan) whose using the faithless family as an offering for satan for her bidding. This movie shows a unique scene where the character is doing Sholat (prayer) in Islamic way but still facing a deadly encounter with the spirit (kinda original back in the days) and a scene where the family hired a shaman to deal with the disturbance that ended with the victory of the evil. But the ending is very conservative, in a very typical fashion where an ulama (religious Islamic clerk) came to the rescue, chanting Quran verse and the satan and worshipper destroyed.

The new movie has different premise, a poor family in the rural had a hard time because their mother, once a famous singer, have been sick for 3 years. Then the mother died and the disturbance begins. That’s the premise and to make it short, I’ll just said watch this movie. It’s good, scary and well made. The rest of this blog will be filled with spoilers. Spoiler warning on.

So this family lives on remote rural area near graveyard and living in an old house. All indications as an awesome set for horror movie. And Joko Anwar exploits it in a very tastefully manner. The music, the lighting, the angle. All is carefully crafted. The 1981 setting also implemented very convincing.

It’s not a jump-scare festival per se. But it guarantees to make you gasp. The plot also have more layers than the old movie. The plot twist is good although if you ask me, it’s kinda drag and silly.

I love how the revelation of who is the Pengabdi Setan (satan worshipper) and the motivation of why it happened. Also why all the family members don’t share a resemblance (kinda fourth wall breaking 😁).

Seriously, I love the cast. Despite the mother (who is already scary even before she became ghost) and the grandma (who supposedly also become a plot twist) feels wasted and forced for the sake of the story to progress. The finale is cool although kinda moves to zombie territory rather than ghost he he. The smallest kid is adorable and Tara Basro as lead actress also good.

Well, it isn’t spoiler after all he he. Honestly it’s a very good movie, not scary (for me at least), but what doesn’t sold me is how the story progress. It begins as usual haunting movie but somehow it turns into mixture of The Omen and Rosemary’s Baby. A good horror movie for me it’s the one that psychologically disturbing, haunting even after you saw it because it makes you think what went wrong. That’s what I didn’t get from this movie. Sure it’s good scare fest but didn’t leave a lasting impression for me.

Oh, there’s one thing that bug me from this movie, or recent horror movie nowadays, is the lack of religious “closure”. Sure most movies have religious theme or background. But somehow it’s only serves as a background or support the event. It never serves as saving grace or something he he. This is also what happens in Indonesian horror movie nowadays. As if evil is the force that can’t be stopped and it never ends happily.

Even for me, not so religious type of person, it feels like pessimism is in the air and people hate God or something ha ha. I admit that the scene where the ulama is killed is awesome but as if there’s no way out. As if committing suicide is better rather than facing the inevitable.

Again, it’s a good movie. You should watch it. If there’s another good thing about this movie, is Tara Basro. She usually viewed as sultry, foxy, femme fatale but IMHO she is misguidedly advertised as some sort of bad girl. But if you ask me she is some misunderstood good girl. In this movie she played as a good girl, a girl acted as the man of the house since their dad is kinda suck. She is an apple to our eye, especially in this movie. Behold her appearance in the movie, feast your eye 😁

This is another of her image for your pleasure 😁

A new Vostok… Guess I’m Joining A Cult 😅

So, I acquired myself a new Vostok amphibia he he. I just can’t get enough of it. This time I bought Vostok amphibia ministry type, basically an amphibia in a bigger body (22mm lug width) or the famous Scuba Dude.

I trade my Seiko SKX 031 for this because I have “too many” watch (in my own term & definition that is 😅). My plan is to either sold my old amphibia or upgrade it using parts from this watch (what kind of crazy person trade his newer watch for older one? Me probably he he).

This new watch have two movements compared to my old one. This new watch is automatic and hand winding while my old one is only manual winding. Though the calendar mechanism still pain in the @$$ (due to the fact there’s no access to change the calendar quickly & you have to rotate it until the date set to the one you want).

The bigger body made the lug in the same size as Seiko SKX or Orient Mako. The 22mm lug makes the strap you use on those watch adaptable to this one. Compared to my old Vostok (18mm lug), this watch probably approachable to more people than my old one.

I don’t know why…but I prefer my old Vostok than the new one somehow. Sure the winding is kinda dull, but the body (despite the 18mm lug) is more beautiful or streamlined IMHO. My old Vostok made me think 22mm strap is oversized ha ha (probably that’s why Rolex is 20mm not 22mm).

I found a good blog that give a better comparison between 18mm and 22mm amphibia (since my review is suck anyway). Check it here.

My biggest complaint probably the bezel which is weird for me. I switch my old watch bezel and somehow made the watch looks better (IMHO).

Now I’m conflicted between keeping this watch or use it’s parts to improve my old Vostok (since I prefer the older body). Just have to wait & see I guess…because their machines might not compatible ha ha

Schleich Batman vs The Joker

I always love the 3.75 inch figures. Don’t know why but there’s something good in that scale that makes the figure small enough to enter the pocket and brought anywhere probably. But at the recent state, 3.75 figures is a dying breed. Most manufacturers left this scale and moving to 6 inch figures. Even if they still manufactured 3.75 figures, most of them are sucks (in term of articulation, paint job, design, molds and even the highest offender is the soaring high prize).
Thank God that Japan manufacturers sometimes provide us with awesome alternative for 3.75 figures in the form of Gashapon or trading figure. They usually have great mold and paint job but with zero articulation (with the exception of Micro Man line from Takara). So, basically Japanese figures is a static figure or mini statue, but a great addition for 3.75 figures collector like me.
Recently, a German manufacture Schleich gain a rights to produce DC (and Marvel) statue and this makes me very happy because Schleich is known for a quality figure, even though most of what they do is animal or medieval figures. I already purchased some of them and review one (The armored Batman) and shows my Flash Figure in one my review (Batman Beyond 3.75 figure review). Basically Shcleich is a hit or miss sometimes because the paint job in the facial area is either…ugly he he.
But since a decent 3.75 Joker figure is nowhere to be sighted, I decided to buy Schleich Batman vs Joker figure, even if my concern regarding facial paint job is worrying me. Batman is probably OK since his mask hides the facial expression, but what about Joker? Well, since his image on the product catalogue is good (compared to the God awful Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot and comic figure on the catalogue), I just go with it.
Then the figure came and I’m…quite happy with it. Let’s proceed with the review.

Kinda dull package

Out of the box. Front shot

Back shot

Look at those smile

The facial is…suck on Batman

Constipated face. He needs to go the bat(h)room

To sum it all, I’m quite happy with this figure(s), especially The Joker. The grin menacing smile is intact and looks devilish in the prince clown of Gotham. The Batman is what makes me kinda…not disappointed, just “whelmed” (not under or overwhelmed) if I could quoted Robin from Young Justice. But all in all, this is a good figure(s) that completed your 3.75 inch figure collection.

With my Wonder Woman KFC figure