Orient Mako XL, The Best Affordable Diver (For Me)

So, I decided to buy “diver” watch, the affordable one according to watch fan around the world, an Orient Mako. And to make it more obvious, I say it forward, I LOVE THIS WATCH!!!! And I will tell you why.

Pros :

  • Big, bulky, robust, luxurious
  • Beautiful display, even more beautiful than Seiko SKX
  • Better steel strap than Seiko
  • Reliable movement and power reserve

Cons :

  • Doesn’t have certification for 200m water resistant
  • Weak lume
  • Bezel doesn’t have pinpoint arrow and not as smooth as Seiko

When people asked what is the best affordable diver watch, majority will say, Seiko SKX007 (or SKX009). It’s a great watch, certified 200mm for diving, robust and reliable. BUT, the price tag is still not affordable for me. The cheapest one is 2,3 million Rupiah (approximately $ 220). Also, Seiko SKX series are known for its notorious wobbly, wonky, cheap steel strap. Thus I look for another alternative.


That’s where I found Orient, another Japanese brand that also deemed affordable, especially the Mako line. Somehow I found that my Mako XL (bigger in diameter than another Mako or even Seiko SKX series) is the cheapest one available (available for 1,6 million Rupiah or approximately $ 150). So I bought it in a heartbeat, without reviewing the pros & cons. pure impulse action I might say.

Then it arrives, with stainless steel strap. Bulky, robust, heavy and luxurious, yeah Orient is more “formal” than Seiko somehow. Somehow this watch is manlier than SKX series and with a better steel strap than Seiko. But it looks too bulky for me, so I swapped the strap immediately. Sure Mako XL feels too big for some, but not for me. The 22mm strap looks proportional with this 45mm (approximately) beast. Even some people say that Orient own movement is more reliable than Seiko

Bigger, more luxurious & IMHO, better than my friend’s SKX007
No starting point, just big “60”

If there are things that I don’t like is the bezel. Not because it’s only 60 clicks (Seiko 120 clicks, hence smoother bezel rotation) or because the bezel is sturdier than Seiko (it’s a man watch, I’ll use my manly strength to turned it ^_^), but because Mako XL doesn’t have pinpoint arrow for the starting point in the bezel. I’m not a diver but I use the bezel for other stuffs like boiling egg, tell me how many minutes passed from a speech, etc.

Another one cons is the lume, which in my case is weak compared to Seiko, I don’t know is it because my watch is ex-display or something ha ha. But it’s kinda hard to see the display in the dark, the display is more beautiful and luxurious than Seiko SKX.

What about 200m non certified water resistant? Well, if you’re not a diver, it doesn’t matter. I use it for bath, swim, etc and it’s resist water just fine (if not fantastic).

Bottom line, this is the best affordable diver I ever bought (so far that is). This is for you who have big wrist, or man enough to wear such a bold statement watch. This watch is looks more expensive than the price tag it wear. This baby could be use as formal dress companion or as a beater watch. Highly recommended. If you think this watch is too big, buy Orient Mako (not the XL) or Orient Raven. Smaller but looks better than Seiko SKX IMHO.

Highly versatile & adaptable for any situation
Luxurious from bottom to the top
My best watch so far


PK, Good Movie With Anti-Religion Idea?

Kinda like gay movie ha ha

I always despise Indian movie due to the fact they always singing & dancing and the movie duration is way to long for my taste. That’s why I miss or didn’t watch PK back in 2014, even if the hype is so huge, critically acclaimed, etc. Boy, I glad I have the chance to see this movie. I say it forward, this is a very good movie, thought provoking and maybe considered as blasphemy for some people & religion, although it’s still consisting singing & dancing (which is tolerable) and long duration (3 hours more or less).

The last Indian movie that I saw and recommended is 3 idiots, which is also starred by Aamir Khan and created by the same director, this movie is also very good because it gives another point of view about education system, specifically in India and in general through out the world. Where education institute is testing our memory rather than understanding the topic, heavily emphasis on grade rather than knowledge, etc. A bit naïve but gives us second thought about education. PK also gives us second thought about another, rather sensitive subject, religion. This blog may contain spoilers, so let me just say, watch this movie, then read this unimportant blog if you want ha ha.

PK is an alien that “stranded” in India (just watch the movie, it’s a good movie & I won’t spoil it because it’s not a review per se) and learned about humanity. His remote control (shaped as an amulet) to contact his ship was stolen by stranger, so he searches here & there for it. On his quest he found out that many people said he against all odds and only God can help him. So he asks God(s) for help while learning the religions in India. Oh, people called him PK because people say that he is peekay or drunk in Indian, due to the way he questioned god(s), weird attitude (he never blink and have weird posture), etc.

This is his default mimic ha ha

This is where the interesting part is, he learned that human worship many gods, human are divided by religions, believes, etc. He tried many religions, doing the prayers, deeds, etc. He concluded that God is missing because his prayer aren’t answered, he even give fliers to everyone asking if they’ve seen God(s) he he.

He is exposed by a journalist (which have bad experience regarding inter-faith love relationship that makes her concluded that Pakistani and Moslem in general are jerk) into mainstream media. He shared his thought on TV and created pros and cons among people in India.

He concluded that people themselves that dividing themselves from others by “creating” god, religion, etc. The only way we can tell if a person is a specific religion worshiper is only by the way they dress or accessories they wear, which we can replaced easily, we just pretending to be different he concluded.  We just loves if we are (ourselves and people that shares the same idea) different, superior or just better than others.

God(s) has many managers (religious clerk, Ulama, reverend, monk, bishop, etc) and many corporations (religion) that each of them has their own rules, procedures that trying to separates human from another human being by making us feel more superior, special, etc. This is also our way to makes us different or better than others.

He even concluded that religion is marketing fear as the most effective product. People are afraid to go to hell if they don’t do religious teachings or what they were commanded to do. People even do “bribery” to God(s) in order to get what they want (passed the test, be successful, won a match, etc) by doing religious teaching. We do good deeds not because it’s the right thing to do, but because we try to please God(s) or even bribe him in order to get what we want or to go to heaven.

What I found very interesting is the part that he also concluded that God(s) manager is calling the wrong number. Their call (prayer, etc) didn’t connect to God(s) because their methods are wrong, such as if God(s) loves his, or, her or whatever, why he makes it hard for his children to contact him? Many methods that make it hard to become a good worshiper, in the movie the example is when a person asked religious clerk what he should do in order to make his ill wife healed. The clerk said that he should pray at specific temple located 500 km from where he lives and then sacrificed something. PK said that this is wrong number, thus the person shouldn’t do it. God(s) as the most merciful won’t make his worshiper to do things beyond their limit or ability.

His action sparks the same movement all over India. People reporting and mentioned this “wrong number” act. Some people report that some Christian priest claimed that he can go to heaven if he embraced the teaching and faith of Christ, but the man thinking and said if God loves him, he would’ve been born in Christian family not Hindu, he concluded that this is “wrong number”. Other said that some temple claimed that in order for their prays to be answered, they should “sacrificed” specific amount of money, thus this is “wrong number”, etc.


PK then asked to do debate with a temple priest live on TV, in this movie the priest a very respectful that holds his amulet. The priest said if he can prove him wrong, PK can have his amulet. This debate is interesting, especially when the priest ask if PK didn’t believe in God because his action somehow creates a movement to bust or shaming some religion. PK answers the question beautifully and, also if you’re sensitive or something, sharp to the point of offensive; he believes in God that creates us all, but not the one the priest or other man created, which is in someway…most of modern day religion ha ha.

Wow, this is a very good movie with a very open to interpretation by our very own understanding message, or a hidden agenda if you’re too sensitive or something. I highly recommended this movie for everyone, so we can give more thoughts about religion. Not because I despise religion, but for us to give second thought before justifying our act in the name of religion or something. Please do watch this movie just to give you idea about religion. Yes they are different from one another, or even similar in some way but that’s the point, why can’t we all get along he he.

Suicide Squad 3.75 inch Joker Figure from Funko

So, I recently won a bid on ebay about quite a rare figure, 3.75 inch The Joker from Suicide Squad. Last time I checked this figure only available if you buy the whole legion of collector package, along with others suicide squad accessories.


As a 3.75 inch collector, also as Batman fan, I have to get my hands on this figure somehow, to complete my Batman figures. So they have an enemy to combat ha ha. Also because DC 3.75 inch line, the Multiverse in switching their focus on 6 inch, so this might be the last Joker or something. But as fast as I open this figure, somehow I was kinda disappointed. Maybe my expectation is too high, though Multiverse line proves that the articulation is plain…dull but maybe it happened because the figure it self doesn’t portrayed Joker’s craziness, crazy grin or menacing appearance or something.

Kinda dull somehow

The basic mold of this figure is somehow reminds me of old G.I. Joe line or something. With the articulation limited only on 9 points that somehow being limited or constricted by the cloth he wears. The swivel thighs and swivel knees can’t bend too much because of the robe design, ball jointed head somehow limited by his hair, the elbows and shoulders somehow limited by…something I don’t know. Bottom line, it’s not a good figure to pose, just to display as standing figure.

That’s all folks
The boxing robe limited his legs movement
This is as far as he can pose without “pushed” the joint into the limit sadly

So yeah, to me I’m disappointed by this one. I think I’m gonna sell it ha ha. Hopefully later on DC manage to create 3.75 line that can compete with Marvel. Their 6 inch line is good, why can’t they make a good 3.75 line!

Lesson from Karin Novilda

Recently, in Indonesia there’s a story about Karin Novilda, a girl that once a sweet smart girl that turned into “selebgram” (celebrity in instagram and YouTube or just search her account @awkarin) and her appearance is 180 degree different than her previous image.

Before and after. Crazy huh?

She was once the smartest girl, reach the highest grade in national exam, wear glasses & hijab in Riau (one of Indonesia’s province outside of Java Island). She swears to leave aside laptop, cell-phone, internet, etc to focus on her study. She went to Jakarta and then, she changed, a lot. She changed her appearance into sexy, blonde, “typical cool girl” we saw on TV or something. Became celebrity in instagram with many followers, endorser. Posting sexy picture, sometimes inappropriate public display of affection and said dirty word, etc. Sadly, she became “cool” in some way he he.

I’m not here to say she is wrong or something. Maybe this is what she wants or something. I’m here to take a lesson from her, this story could be us! Her story could be our story, this could happen to everyone. Abraham Lincoln once said “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power “ and that’s what happened here, she gain “power”, which in this case, popularity, maybe money (she was endorsed by some products) and fame.

People might say, she changed because Riau & Jakarta is way too different, small town & big city. Or may peer pressure to try something new or in order to be accepted in new environment. Or maybe because she was far from her parents control whatsoever. Or maybe her parents are too strict so that after she went to the city she abuses her so-called freedom. Or because she have a boyfriend (which is for some hijaber, girl who wearing hijab or veil, as indecent, they should’ve just married after getting know each other to prevent unwanted outcome). All of that I mentioned could be true, and that’s why my heartache so damn much about this.

As a parent, I worried that this could be happened to my son in the future. I once heard some stranger talks about inter-faith relationship in warteg (some local semi-permanent food stall in Indonesia). One guy asked whether he or his girlfriend should switching faith in order for their relationship to be legally binding (married). The other guy answers it with an answer so good that it stuck in my head for a long time. He said, “There are 3 things that you should never, ever, “sacrificed” for anything in this world; pride, family and the most important, religion or your God. If your love is against those 3 principle, I advice you to look somewhere else bro. If that’s love, it comes at much too high a cost”. I wholeheartedly approve it. I wrote many times in my blog that people shouldn’t change who they are, their identity, but rather adapt and applied their new insight to their own identity, value or religion.

I also have a friend who can be categorized as “Karin” back in college. She was a goody daughter, devoted Moslem and smart girl. Then when I was in Bandung (I go to college in Bandung), I met her in a club, dressing “too open” for a Moslem, smokes & drinks alcohol, etc. I was once asked her what happen to the good old her & she said that she waits a lifetime to get away, to be far from her parents clutches so she can be “free”. She tired to be good, to be what her parents asked her to be (rather than what she wanted to be), etc. I guess she abuse the so called freedom. The last time I met her, she said karma hits her in the face when she married and have kids. She realized why her parents is too strict and all that jazz he he.

IMHO, Karin changed because she doesn’t have enough “foundation” of who she really is. That’s why she changed so much. She probably just “following the flow”, try to catching up with newest trend, enjoying become “cool kids” or thinking that rebelling against parents is cool, or maybe being sexy is becoming adult or something.

Maybe true that we as parents have shares of our fault, but that doesn’t mean you’re a good kid from the start you li’l b*tch

I was lucky to find what I really love from early age, though what interests me is something that were once considered geek, weird or even stupid (I love video game, manga, comic, anime & toys). My antisocial behavior also helps me to don’t give a damn of what people say or think about me. I was lucky not to have those “phase” that embarrassed me when I look at my early days. Maybe my life is boring & dull for some, but I really glad that I live my life the way I wanted to, though there are some “compromise” like entering law school rather than literature or psychology but somehow the kid in me still intact, I’m a kid trapped in adult body ha ha.

I’m afraid that my son could be like Karin. Drifted apart from the values, moral code or religion that I will taught to him. True maybe someday in the future he will change, but I hope he will still remember or keeping his “identity”, his religion and the values that I taught. Hope even if he changed, he will adapt rather than completely throw away his so-called identity.

I hope I could be the dad that he can share his problem, be the person he looked up to, be his hero or at the very least, the person he can always depends on if he facing adversity, or even when he gain power. I hope that this Karin lesson will always be a reminder of how I should react or what I should taught to my son in the future.

The Imperfection Makes It Perfect


If you’re a watch aficionado, probably you already heard Russian (even Soviet) watch called Vostok, just Google it and see their rich history and how tough this watch is, especially amphibian line. Out of curiosity, I bought a Vostok from ebay, unfortunately this is Komanderskie type not amphibian, even when the watch didn’t have a strap, have rust all over it and others imperfection.



Amphibia line is known for it’s toughness and durability, also an affordable diver watch, while the one I have the Komanderskie is more casual and less tough but still have kick ass durability. Mine came after almost a month and just like the seller described, it’s like this watch a war veteran or something. Worn & wound, but still refuse to die.

This watch has “cheap” written all over it, rust, and it sometimes stopped then moving again. I don’t know why but I just so into it. There’s like a novelty or some excitement with it. I guess this is why many people recommend this watch as “must have”, It makes me want to buy another one, an amphibian ha ha.

I put another watch’s strap for it & somehow instantly fell in love with it. I also buy a faux leather strap for it. Oh, one funny thing is, the strap is 18mm but the body is big enough to be compared with 22mm strap watch.


If you check in internet, most people bought Vostok just to customize it anyway you like. With the cheap prize, no wonder people love this watch. This watch is like my experiment playground, I open the case, tinkering with it. Damn I love this watch ha ha. All of the imperfection makes it perfect, at least for me though. It doesn’t matter what peoples say if you’re happy with it.


Casio MMA-200 W, Diver Watch…On A Very Tight Budget


If you’re a watch aficionado, you must know that diver watch is a very popular watch, to a degree where you must have a diver watch if you claimed to be a watch fan. Me myself, is a very big fan of diver watch, I never know why but my wife said probably because it looks very manly ha ha (probably my superhero taste of the 90’s, the big, bulky steroid induced guy subliminally makes me loves diver watch, and also G Shock). So, I decided to sell all the watch I put in this blog before and started collecting diver watches.

In my search of finding the one (or two probably, diver watch is awesome, better to have more than one I guess), I stumble various brands and I adore them all. Of course if I could I’d buy the legendary Seiko SKX007 or Orient Mako, but unfortunately for me, those “affordable” dive watch is still not affordable for me. So I search for an alternative for my chosen diver watch, I look other brands that affordable for me (funny thing about alternative, let’s say you want a dog and your parent bought a cat instead…it’s still not a dog ha ha. So I guess alternative is not a best word to use).

I was lucky to found this old (I don’t know if we could called this watch vintage) watch by Casio. Produced in the 80’s, use Pepsi bezel, quartz operated, 100m water resistant (though so far I only use it for ablution and bath, not swim or snorkeling, not yet he he) good condition (worn & wound but still a good looking watch nonetheless), this Casio MMA-200 W is, IMHO, a good looking diver watch. I admit it’s kinda like Seiko, but then again, Seiko looks like Rolex or Sea Master or any other dive watch he he.

Good looking watch eh?


Still in good condition


The original strap is silicon like strap, probably already broke due to the age, so I found this watch in faux leather strap. The strap is 22mm, just like Seiko or Orient that I adore. But just like any other dive watch, this watch is suits any other strap (I bought perlon and nato for this baby and its looks great). Man this watch is awesome. Probably my best beater watch so far.

There are 2 complains about this great watch, the fact that the date and day dial is broken (I have to set it “manually” straight from circuit board ha ha) and the crown position is awkward, positioned in the middle of 3 and 4 dial, which makes it hard to replace the machine (the date and day dial broke like I mentioned before) with others watch that might suited the shell.

Weird crown position

Well, so far I really satisfied with this watch, until the battery runs out and have to set it manually again and maybe the water resistant isn’t 100m when I take it swim he he. But again, diver watch is expensive, I guess this one will do for a while. Honestly I bought Vostok watch (also vintage one) just to see if the Soviet engineering could really withstand the test of time and be my true beater watch (since the price I bought is cheaper than this Casio). Hell, maybe I will bought Seiko or Orient one day ha ha.

Either You’ll Get Used To It or…

I already wrote many pieces about changes in this blog. How hard it is to accept it or live with it. But then again, everything’s changes, even if we refuse to accept it and stick to the old ways, somehow something changes, even within us either we realize it or not. Everything changing though we probably felt the opposite of it.

Recently instagram change their iconic app into something new, suffice to say not everyone is happy with it. Me personally, I prefer the old icon app because it’s classic, like a vintage camera and somehow more stand out than the new one. But honestly the old icon is only suits the “old” instagram, when it was started on iPhone as an app to showcasing your square format photo with artsy image. Now instagram is becoming more than just a photo sharing app, it also shows video, and the artsy photo is majority replaced with selfie, narcisstic photo or even as market place (to display the item), that’s why I guess the new icon is more suitable IMHO he he.

https _blueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.com_uploads_card_image_86560_instathumb
Kinda cheesy that new icon ha ha

One thing I salute is their guts to replace the iconic icon with something that totally new, not some modification or something, a new icon. Just like anything in life, not everyone will be happy for it. You can call it comfort zone or something, but not everyone is embracing changes with arms wide open. Not because we hate it (OK, some people hate it), but because its’ something new, something that we don’t know, and it’s natural to afraid of something we didn’t know.

I admit that I’m the guy who doesn’t accept changes easily, not because I’m afraid of it, but rather than I hate the extra money I’ll spend to catch up with the latest trend. That’s why I prefer console rather than PC. With console, I can play with the same hardware for more than 5 years, I even still play PS1 till this day. But you’ll know that everyone say the future of gaming is streaming, not console. All you need is a monitor and computer probably to play game. No system exclusive probably, everyone can play.

I always hates the idea of internet gaming. It demands time (always online), extra money (from streaming quota and advertising from the online) and the bloody DLC (download content). Since the birth of online gaming, game developer just becoming lazy & take everything for granted. They release half @$$ game for a full price. If there’s a bug or problem? They can give patch version, or worse, we have to pay more for DLC (such as extra character in Street Fighter V). Offline campaign or story mode is being traded for online competition or multiplayer. I realize there are people who play game for glory, but don’t forget there also playing for the story.

Or the recent issue where apple is thinking to stop itunes program because they think the future is in streaming music. Guess people nowadays just don’t love physical copy anymore, they think downloaded music is easier (true) and sometimes free (especially illegal downloading ^_^. Why pay if you can have it for free). Personally I prefer physical copy because it’s more authentic, like holding something in your hand, read the lyric, enjoy the artwork, or to make it blunt, it’s like boobs, it’s good to see it on the screen but it’s better to hold it for real ^_^.


I’m a bit of apple fanboy, but probably not the so called isheep. I use iphone from iphone 4 and macbook from 2008. I admire Steve Jobs vision & persistent. I’m the minority that prefers small phone rather than bigger screen (I prefer using tablet or something bigger rather than phone that hard to be held by one hand). And apple is one of those people (if we can classify apple as people) that forced its user or customer to adapt with the changes they deemed was needed. There was a popular story about how Steve Jobs reacts to Blackberry CEO when he showed his iphone prototype and Blackberry CEO said where’s the keyboard? People won’t use that! And Steve reply with a sentence that synonym with apple as innovator (though since Steve died, apple kinda loss its mojo. Still good but not as good as it used to) “They’ll get used to it”. Yeah we can say apple was, or is, agent of changes.

Not everything is new is better. 2015 shows that people prefer books rather than e-books. Lomography still alive at the moment, vinyl still have a place and becoming audiophile now. So I guess if you’re happy with the way thing are, just do what makes you happy. What if people don’t support or make fun of you? That’s life! You’re the one who live with it and making the most of it, people that judge it. Screw them! Do what makes you happy anyway, either you change or stay the way you are, as long as you maintain your identity. All I can say is, either you’ll get used to it…or stay where you are and see if the cycle of trend came full circle to what you love or people realize that the old way is probably better ha ha.


But then again, we can’t stop the changes. Either we’re part of it or stay where we are and become history, or forgotten in the sand of time. But if I realize one thing in my 30 something life, is that what matter most is our self, not what everyone else thinks about you. So if you’re comfortable with using the old ways, why bother to change? Maybe you can stick with the old ways and when the changes went the wrong direction, they came back for the old ways. Or you could modified or adapt the old ways to new technology without loosing your identity or ideology. Learn from Tetris, if you try to fit in, you have a tendency to disappear. Be sure not to lose your identity while try to fit in he he, or just be different and standout anyway ^_^