Remember The Magic

You opened up my eyes
And you gave life new meaning
So remember that feeling
Just remember the magic
One more time

Brian McKnight – “Remember The Magic”

 First, I’d like to confess that I should write this long time ago & also I’d like to state that I am a very cynical man. Every time something good happening, the first thing that comes through my mind is “there’s something wrong with this. What’s the catch?” as if nothing good ever happened. I know it’s wrong but probably that’s what life teaches me. No matter how hard you try, there are things that just won’t go the way you wanted.

That’s why I dislike Disney’s movie, I used to love it but somehow I can’t relate to the fairy tale where everything is possible as long as you try hard enough, where the world is sugar & spice everything is nice. That’s why I prefer Japanese animation or superhero comic that shows no matter how grim the world is, as long as you have hope, you van make it or at least survive despite the outcome is not on our favor (and believe me it won’t).

One of the best Disney's movie
One of the best Disney’s movie

Recently, I watch Disney’s “Frozen”, a 3D animation by Disney but without Pixar this time & somehow I fell in love with Disney again. I don’t know why but one of the reasons is the song. If you watch anime, the soundtrack is awesome! The lyric is spot on & so good sometimes you shed a manly tears (boys don’t cry, we shed manly tears ^_^). Frozen is homage for classis Disney’s movie such as Lion King, The Little Mermaid or Aladdin where the song is so part of the story, so touching that makes you sing along even after the movie is over (my favorite is “For The First Time In Forever” that IMHO is better than the single “Let It Go”).

With all due respect to Pixar, they make a great movie but they are not Disney. Pixar is more “adult” (IMHO adult will have more “related” moment than children, especially the praised by critique such as “Up”, “Wall-E”). Frozen is hits right in the spot with all your cherish moments about childhood & how everything is possible but Frozen have a twist (contain some spoiler) such as love story doesn’t have to consist love between male & female but in this case family. Frozen even questioned Disney’s own “love at first sight” by saying you can’t marry a guy that you just met ^_^. I guess Frozen is an updated Disney’s movie that can relate to almost everyone.

Thanks to Frozen (I highly recommended anyone to watch this movie, just for the sake of finding your once lost inner child) I compiled all the Disney’s soundtrack that I once cherished. That’s when I stumble to an old song that I heard circa 96-97 by Brian McKnight, the song I quote above. Thanks to internet I finally found that song again, it is so hard to find it (it’s a song to celebrate 25th years of Disney) & now I’m a kid again, especially when I listen to the lyric of Brian McKnight’s song.

Can you remember
Back to a simpler time
Back to the watercolor days
That still run through your mind

Oh, I remember just my old friend and me
Runnin’ through an open field
The way it used to be

The feeling that our hearts could just take wings
We could live out all our dreams
The journey there was never far away

But like a dream come true
That’s still inside of you
The secret of tomorrow is
To live your dreams today

Remember the night
Remember the feeling
Remember the magic
In our lives

Well, in many occasion I always said that I am a very cynical-jaded-stubborn man. Even I almost became skeptical to one of my hobby which is video game (probably now I’m just a player not gamer anymore). I stop buying console at Playstation 2 (I hate PC game, no offense but I just don’t like playing emulator or even true PC game, the games I love is mostly adventure or J-RPG & fighting which spawned in console). There are many reasons why I almost gave up gaming, mostly due to the fact that I guess I’ve seen it all, the graphic is awesome but mostly cosmetic, the game-play is nothing new, most is recycling older idea or reboot, etc. I guess I was just jaded or bored. You can probably guess this is what I felt for almost anything, not became numb, just jaded he he. It’s not like I became zombie or something, I still love photography, have a great marriage life (so far, hopefully it will last…finger crossed ^_^).

But since I watch Frozen, like I write before, I found my once lost inner child (one of it though, like I write earlier I still have some hobby). Guess I have to realize that I have to learn to see this world through the eye of a child, a child that still believes in magic, miracle, etc or to be exact, optimistic (though just like Paramore’s song “For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic”. I mean, only a curious guy can find anything interesting or my favorite Damien Rice lyric said this “It’s not hard to grow when you know that you just don’t know”. Either you set your expectation low or try to be little bit enthusiast or curious, but I think the most proper thing & also easiest is to act as “Mr. know-it-all” since honestly speaking, we haven’t got a clue about everything. Human try to explore space while we barely know the bottom of our own ocean.

Awesome lessons!
Awesome lessons!

If you look through different point of view, Disney’s movie also gave f#%ked up idea such as you can turned a girl to love you through Stockholm Syndrome (Beauty & The Beast), it’s sucks to be grown up (Peterpan), it’s possible for a girl to live with opposite sex (Snow White where she lives with 7 midget), first impression counts (almost every princess fell in love with first person they met), etc. So don’t blame if our generation is living the decadent life than the previous generation, after all, this is the heritage of older generation (sorry again I became the cynical dude). I attach some awesome lesson that we all could learn from classic Disney’s that I once branded as stupid & childish at the right section, click it for bigger size.

I learn from them ^_^
I learn from them

This year, I’ll try to act as kid with enthusiast & curiosity & thanks to my wife & our cat, I learn how to behave as a kid (as a kid that demands attention from my wife or learn to explore like Michi, our cute, big & adorable but untamed cat he he). You know what, without my false pretense or prejudice, life is more exciting & I become more grateful with everything. I love my old camera that provide me everything I need (not want), my iPhone 4 that also provide me with everything I need (not want again). My new shelter that I love to explore & new life to live also new challenge. I hope that I can remember the magic that made life interesting & beautiful again he he.


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